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@TechHits: You unlock titles by just playing online in ranked and player matches.

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A couple of you guys live pretty close by.

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My new title is Morooka our overlord.

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@FluxWaveZ: Good job, I just got it myself a little bit ago. I wasn't expecting Mitsuru to freeze and charm you every time her hits connect...so I lost to her.

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Made it too round 6 by spamming Yu's Swift Strike (They never guard against it 90% of the time) but wasn't able to beat Chie. Doing the Instant Kill whenever you get the chance too is a good idea like Dogman765 said they also almost always run into it.

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Here is another one. You have a nice amount of pics to choose from now, I think any of the pictures shown on this thread would make an awesome pic for your fight stick.

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@gravitypenguin: I like that design seems like something you would see on a fight stick. Good job.

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@Icemo: Nice wallpapers, they would look great on a wallpaper rotation on my desktop. :)

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@Darkstar614: That looks bad ass.

Anyway here is a good one.

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@punisherkaos: Yeah you're right she says "Mr. Owner of Aiya, Aika-chan, thank you for this food! Chow time!" Something along those lines.