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Patrick, stop white-knighting and trying to protect those fragile beings from something that isn't even there. They will not have sex with you, no matter how hard you try to defend their honour like that. What a joke, seriously.

Its not the same, and they're both disgusting.

How are they not the same....?

If you're asking that question, you're missing the whole point of all the discussion that's been going on for like a year now.

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How the hell has nobody put a bid on Vigil Games at all? Are investors actually THAT scared of championing the Darksiders franchise?

Darksiders 1 was a pretty good home-run hit, and while Darksiders 2 didn't garner the same kind of acclaim, what is it about Vigil Games that is essentially turning it into kryptonite?

Neither of those games sold nearly well enough for a publisher looking to make money to greenlight the 3rd one.

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For those concerned with Volition's fate I think it should be noted that Deep Silver did not acquire Volition, its parent company did. A minor distinction some might say, but were Zenimax to have bought Volition it would not mean Arkane would have any interaction with the Saints Row IP. Which is to say that this doesn't mean Deep Silver specifically has acquired Volition. At least that is my understanding, I might have it wrong. Feel free to correct/berate me.

It means that Deep Silver will be publishing all of Volition's games, and therefore controlling the budget. Deep Silver is just a publisher, they just happen to only be one wing of a larger company.

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Not sure how I feel about Deep Silver getting Saints Row.

Even beyond the recent controversy, they have a pretty bad history of publishing bad games. I can't imagine Volition will get a bigger budget or anything.

Koch Media bought them, the parent company. Deep Silver doesn't have Saints Row, unless Koch Media is all "Here, Deep Silver people, make Saints Row," I don't believe that's the case. I could be wrong, but reading it makes it seem like they're gonna let Volition operate on their own.

Deep Silver is Koch Media's video game publishing arm. There's nowhere else to put them under - Volition will be a dev house like Techland is for Dead Island.

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Well at least deep silver takes some chances. The news could have been much worse. Actually this could turn out kind of cool for everyone.

Only if Deep Silver commits to making Volition their flagship developer (and funds them accordingly) and keeps them intact. Most of their history is making cheap shovelware from European dev houses.

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Someone bought Homefront and not Darksiders?


DS2 just came out. Whoever bought Vigil/Darksiders would have to commit a few million dollars to get the next installment made. I assume the companies involved looked at the numbers and decided that didn't make any sense.

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deep silver was a big surprise, pretty good get for them. what have they done besides dead island that was big? hope vigil finds a home...

They did a Stalker prequel and the X space sims. Then a bunch of really, really bad games. I'm sure Alex Navarro has seen plenty of their handiwork over the years.

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I hope Sega also got Relic's IPs. Well I'm sure the Warhammer 40K one goes back to Games Workshop to give to whomever they please. I guess Company of Heroes doesn't matter too much because Relic can just make another WWII game with a different name. I hope Sega got the Homeworld IP.

AFAIK, the Homeworld IP was owned by Sierra, who was bought and shut down by Activision.

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Thank god. No EA, I was getting worried.

You should check out Deep Silver's publishing history before you say that.

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Also a fun note - the Homefront franchise rights were sold for a whopping $500,000. Volition and Relic brought back over $20M each.