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Quad is just the specific name for the ATV in the GTA franchise.  Quad should be made as an alias to ATV.

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I didn't find the achievement that much of a grind.  The hardest part was just not being enticed into getting achievements in other games.

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That's some pretty good money, I'm sure the competition will be tight.

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I recently achieved 'Perfectionist' in Just Cause 2.   A dualism of emotion came over me when it popped.  The one side was happy that the most time consuming achievement for the game was finally under my belt.  The other side was sad because it knows that without another achievement to get, this game will fall to the side as others step up to be consumed.   
Just Cause 2, is a great deal of fun.  After the story is complete, and you are set in the free roaming Mercenary Mode, you spend all you time hopping around the island blowing up anything that is related to the established government.  It's very relaxing to spend a few hours launching rockets into fuel tanks, and you can't help but smile when sitting in a Auto-cannon armed Razorback when a fleet of foot soldiers descends upon you. 
Now only a couple of difficulty related achievements stand in my way of an S-rank, before Just Cause 2 becomes another: "Ya, I played it".

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I loved the original Syndicate.  It had a nice RPG element, where you customized and carried a team of cyborgs, plus real time strategy where you ripped apart anyone who tried to stop you from reaching your objective.

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Mega Man!!!

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I think that VR will cause the largest disruption to our lives.  We will reverse our transportation system.  Instead of having to go to work, you could simply log on.  The majority of physical jobs will be delivery, as people who purchased items in VR (probably mostly food, as clothes become useless) will need to have them delivered.  Reducing the need for daily transportation will greatly impact the north american lifestyle.

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Dead Rising.  After getting Frank to level 50 through various play throughs and securing the actual mega cannon by mowing down 50,000+ Zombies in 6 hours.

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I remember doing the 3-star road race that begins just off the large kidney island on the east side.  The race takes you over the top of the island and back down the west side to the airport.  Hammering as fast as I could in a fast car, I still took about 30 minutes for the drive.   
This game is massive

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