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Thinking of you and your family, sorry for your loss.

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I'm rank 7 right now. About a week ago I was up at 5 and felt I'd hit a ceiling so I decided to change my deck pretty radically to try and up my win rate. After a frankly alarming initial drop as I adjusted to the new deck I'm now working my way back up again. I'm optimistic that I can get past 5 by the end of the month.

edit - in case anyone is interested: I used to play watcher druid, now I'm trying my hand at token druid. Most matchups seem to have improved or stayed the same, but it's even more hopeless against Handlock than my old watcher deck was. Still tinkering with it.

And since people have mentioned Arena scores: 4-7 wins is pretty standard for me. I had one 12 win arena run with a mage deck.

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My gut reaction to this news is negative, but I actively hope I'm wrong.

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but since I wanted an excuse to draw your attention to the awesomely bad VO during the segment starting at 7 minutes (it's like the Leviathan: Warships trailer but without the sense of irony)

Huh, funny you should say that: I thought they were going for the same sense of irony you rightly ascribe to the Warships trailer, even if this one doesn't pull it off quite so well.

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@bisonhero: The Buzzards + Hounds combo alone doesn't seem excessively good to me, but throw in Hunter's Mark for 0 Mana and it really smarts.

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@bisonhero: Thanks! Familiar with those play styles but didn't realise that's what was being referred to. I play a taunt-heavy Druid deck basically built to counter them, or at least try to. Tough without being able to draw as reliably as they can, sometimes I just get an unlucky mulligan and can't keep up.

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(That said, the game is waaaaay too reliant on zoo right now, and Hunter/Warlock running the entire game is getting old.)

Forgive my ignorance: what do you mean when you say zoo here? I keep seeing the word cropping up around Hearthstone.

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They talked on and on about the graining issues on the tires but I don't think I ever caught why it's a specific issue for this track. Is it the much cooler track temperature?

I think in this case it was because it had rained over the night so the track had no residual tyre rubber down from the sessions earlier in the weekend. Tyres tend to have a little more grip, and I assume have to work less hard and thus grain less, when rubber has been laid down on the racing line over time. You will sometimes hear the commentators call the track 'green' if it has no rubber on it. Certainly on Sky they were speculating that the soft tyres were not lasting as long as had been anticipated because the track was green. I can't speak to what effect the track temperature had.