Fantasy games that I loved

A bunch of games that I hold dear, and that have that PROPER fantasy vibe. You know, thatched roof cottages, dragons, and knights in level 40 Rune plate armour.

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Posted by AjayRaz

*cry* Runescape showed me NO MERCY.  
Back in 2005, i played the shit out of RS for about a year, and got to Level 81. Beat all the Free Quests, and got tired as fck of all the Free restrictions, so i quit and didn't look back since :)  

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@AjayRaz: Yeah, I got to level 41 (I think, it was a long time ago) became a member, got a cat, went free and became sad because free = no cat, and then completed all the free quests except killing the dragon for Rune Platemail.