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This game is, quite simply put, outstanding. 0

There's been a lot of debate during the run up to it's release over whether this game was worth the price tag and whether it would be a stripped down 'console-ified' version on 1942. Whilst I certainly didn't think that Bad Company's multiplayer World War Two has never been this... fresh.was as good as a Battlefield game on the PC, I found myself experiencing nearly every part of Battlefield that I love in this quasi-sequel without any (or at least most) of the flaws I had come to expect in the ...

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Bad company takes the Battlefield franchise, and adds to it. 0

Before Bad Company, Battlefield games were samey, faceless war shooters that... kinda failed to impress. I hoped that Bad Company would prove that DICE still had some tricks up their sleeves. And thankfully, they proved me right. I enjoyed every moment of Battlefield's single player, although the pretty much unlimited auto-injector reduced the difficulty somewhat. The great thing about Bad Company is that although the online action is the centrepiece of all the previous games in the franchise, t...

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Fable. It's an unappreciated gem! 0

Fable is a 3rd person Action/RPG game, set in the fictional world of Albion. It's created by English Game producer Lionhead studios, and is part of the Fable franchise. In the game, you control a dynamically morphing player, which depends on whether you do good things (e.g: killing Bandits) or evil things (e.g killing wnadering traders). You never have any direct control of the morphing, but it's not hard to be either good or bad. Eating too much will make you fat, whilst not eating will make yo...

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