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Zynga sold out!!!... Oh wait

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I'm in the same boat as the rest us Opera users. I would love to have it fixed :)

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4chan didn't do it (this time). Their raids are organized by - sometimes multiple - threads on tthe boards /b/ or (rarely) /v/. There were no such threads before and after the attack, and no threads when Notch posted in his blog. In fact, /v/ had a couple of threads with people pissed off. Most of 4chan actually really likes Minecraft.

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@Genjai said:

" She fell for the Drell in ME2, kinda surprising to me, but I think it was Kat Bailey who mentioned on a podcast several months ago that he was the best choice for female Shepards, too. 

So did my girlfriend, I guess he's a really popular guy
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My girlfriend regularly occupies my PC to play her female Shepard. She has a weaker PC she finished ME1 on, but ME2 is beyond the poor machine's league.

It's okay though. I also find her hatred for Asari (and love of Krogan) very amusing.

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All BioWare D&D titles featured a vastly trimmed skill selection. Climb is one of the skills that never really showed up, so yeah. Numerous mechanics from D&D don't work well outside tabletop environments, and I'm glad BioWare decided to use their own systems for their newer titles. 

As for this new "Neverwinter" title... Cryptic... co-op... eh....

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Anything that expands the already vast array of possibilities the SCII editor offers is very welcome.

The vicissitude and polarity of opinions on Blizzard is consistently entertaining every week. First they are the villains demanding real names, then they are the heroes that care for the opinions of fans.

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Even though I'll always regard DA:O as a great game, I'll never forgive BioWare the memory leak issues. I had to resort to solutions discovered by other desperate players, while BioWare allegedly "fixed" the leaks several times in different patches.

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