I Am Still a Master Chief

Apart from having nothing to do with Halo... I have completed Uncharted 3 and Journey in the past week. Uncharted was a bit disappointing up until the desert sequence, which is one of best Uncharted segments in all three games. The rest just felt a little samey and boring.

Journey however is the perfect definition of short and sweet. Everything about it is just phenominal. I will probably write a more in depth review about it at some point, but yeah... definitely going to play it again.

I have also started playing Skyrim again. I played too much of it at a friend's house before I actually got around to it myself, but now I'm back to having fun with it.

Bayonetta is still awesome.

Apart from gaming... my summer has finally begun. I have three months of doing whatever the hell I want. Which will mainly consist of reading, writing, gaming, sleeping and eating I think.

That's pretty much all I got.

How is your summer so far?


A Promise

I promise to post more on Screened and Giant Bomb. It's a promise I may or may not be able to keep up but I'll try my hardest!

Stay saucy.


 Good title ;D
But yeah, I recently watched two more films.. so here is more reviews for some (but not all) to read!

Let the Right One In

This is a movie about Oskar. He's a normal 12 year old boy who gets bullied almost every day by his classmates. He forms a friendship with a vampire that moves next door to him. This is where the movie takes off.

Both the lead actors are excellent. They are very good for such young actors. The rest of the cast is okay, but nothing stands out that much since the two leads steal the show.

This is a beautiful looking movie. Seriously, some of the shots in this movie are so white and brilliant looking. The opening shot of the snow really sucked me into the movie. Since I'm currently doing a course in school that has to do with film making, I'm noticing more and more camera techniques used. This one is shot exremely well. Even my mum walked past and said "That looks beautiful" when it showed an outdoor shot.

One bad thing is that the special effects can look a bit weird at times. Especially in the cat scene, but it looks good most of the time.

I'm quite disappointed in myself that I have dodged this movie for this long. I should have seen this far sooner than yesterday. A funny thing is that I tried watching this dubbed, but it was so horrible I couldn't watch more than 10 minutes. If you're going to watch this movie, watch it subtitled. 9.5/10

Revolutionary Road

I'll keep this one short. The performances in this film were excellent. Leonardo and Kate Winslet were brilliant in their roles. They really seem like a proper dysfunctional couple. Of course Kathy Bates was also quite good. A good look into a seemingly good couple lives. 7.5/10

Other than watching many movies, I bought a pair of headphones so now I can watch movies and stuff during the daytime without any distractions (the computer is in the middle of the house, so there's alot of noise). I also figured out you can use the Singstar microphones on the computer. This means the songs I record all sound alot better. I'm quite happy now :3

That's all for now. Now for more movies!


The Man in Black

I watched "Walk the Line" yesterday, so I'll just write a review now.

Walk the Line is a biographical film about the early years of Johnny Cash. It follows him getting his first record deal, to then meeting June Carter the first time. From the very first scene I was hooked. It opens with him about to play in Folsom Prison but cuts out before he starts to play (he finishes it later on). This was definitely a good way to open the movie. It gets fans familiar with his work (who this movie was made for) instantly interestested.

I thought Reese and Joaquin were perfect in their roles as June and John respectively. Funnily enough it was, from what I remember the first full movie I've seen Joaquin in. I'm looking forward to seeing more films by him. They both had good chemistry together on screen. They could also sing really good. Both had singing lessons and lessons to play their instruments before shooting began, and it really payed off. The rest of the cast was really good too. Robert Patrick stood out to me playing Johnnys father Ray Cash.

Overall it was quite an enjoyable film. I'm sure I wouldn't have liked as much if I didn't love Johnny as much as I do. But I still would have liked it enough.

At the very end... when it said "June passed in May 2003, Johnny passed four months after" I just burst into tears. It's hard to put into words how much I admire this man. I have written this before. But really, I can't express enough how much Johnny has influenced me. As I sit here listening to " The Kneeling Drunkard's Plea" I know he is definitely, without a doubt my favourite artist of all time, and I will continue to love him for the rest of my life.

This film gives me a greater sense of connection with him and his music, and for that it gets a 10/10.


One of the big dawgs.

I've noticed I have become quite attracted to Giant Bomb. Not because It's a fad to join the site and be part of the crowd, but because it is a brilliant site. I know things have yet to be added and little tools have to be made yet but most of the sites main features overlook these (for now) set backs.

One thing this Gaming website has that others don't is the Wiki part. This is unique, awesome and just plain cool! It is a very cool way of adding all the old games, it saves alot of hassle.

Basically, Giant Bomb is one of the very few sites on the internet to keep me coming back. Only one other website does this and that is Gamespot, I just want to express my feelings to this site.

It is brilliant, magnificent and.. well just plain Awesome!

I will be here for many years to come showing my devotion and loyaly to Jeff, Ryan, Vinny, Brad and especially the Community.

See ya later folks!


May boredom be the Death of Me.

I played a bit of GTA4 today.. on the 360. 

That game isnt fun anymore. I really cant put my finger on it, but when i play this gen games I just get bored after 30mins. Give me any Ps2 game and I'll love it.

I don't see why they cant make a decent game.





I've just slept like... The full day of Monday :(

I'm really confused right now aswell... Wtf is going on..?

Sorry about this.. I'm just so confused..

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