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I thought it'd be cheesy, so I was going to get the regular edition. This, however (if true), looks awesome! It'll be pretty common online, but I don't care...

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Mine does it too -- and there's only about 20 items in the Arcade/Demo section (entire Game Library). Usually takes about 7-10 seconds each time to load up the list. Apparently, the only thing you can do is just wait for it to load. I bet the huge Fall Update will address this issue.

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Awesome video, thanks. This mode will likely be one of my favourites, consistently trying to beat my score with friends. But I wonder, can you play Horde solo? Or does it have to be 2-5 players? Of course it'll be better with more than one player, but it's nice to have a quick warm-up before matches sometimes.

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I love it. Since I never really liked the blade system (plus, with those humongous ads), this is a welcomed change. Seems to flow nicely, while providing a quick way of navigation. Not to mention all the features the new update will bring, which I'm really looking forward to. Avatars ... well, we'll have to see.
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Hey everyone.

The name's Aaron (obviously), and I'm also on GS as well should anyone recognize the name. I'm partial to the Xbox 360 from its awesome games and online service (Gamertag = CyborgXbox), but love all systems for their unique contribution to the industry. Pretty laid back guy, but also love to excel in everything I do.

Lovin' the site so far!