The End of Freshman Year

So, I am at the end of my first year of my college, or university, experience. It has been a very interesting experience. One, I am not to happy in the outcome. I went into this experience thinking it would be awesome, leaving home, making new friends, however; in the end I learned that home is where I belong and the friends I made back home are the truest friends I will ever have. So, I have decided to move back home and continue the college dream at the University that is located in my hometown.

This also comes with a few perks. Better food, college food is awful and disgusting, I now understand why people put on weight, the healthy choices here are non-existant. Also, I will finally be able to play console games! Being away for over nine has put me so far behind in games. I have yet, to finish Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, which I started while home for Christmas. I also need to play Dragon Age II, Halo: Reach, and countless other games. I must say I am very excited to play games again. But, I have learned to make the best of my time with a few PC games. Mostly Minecraft and over 80 hours of Civilization V! Which I must say, Civilization V is a great game and a good time waster, so goes to Minecraft.

Well, that about wraps it up for me. I am returning home on Thursday after exams are finished and going back to work to make money! Oh, and how about that news about Osama bin Laden's death? That's pretty exciting. GO USA! Also, thanks to our men and women in the Military and special forces!



A Wonderful TV Series and a few updates

 In this game you have to do all three of these things.
Very recently since I started college I have got back into watching the game show and kinda drama Survivor. This show has stayed constantly good over the seasons even as I go back and watch the older season and compare them to the new seasons. I competed for the first season a few weeks ago and am I am currently watching the second season, Survivor: Australia. This show gets to you at times because it is so good. At times I wonder what I would do out there in those situations the show puts them through. I wrote this just as a short rant to talk about what I've been doing recently and to share my love of Survivor. It's a great show and if you have not considered watching it yet, I recommended you give it a look if you the chance. You can find the lots of the older season on YouTube.  
On a gaming related note, I have been playing lots of Pokemon: White Version. I was a little afraid to go into a Pokemon game for the first time in years and not recognize any Pokemon in the game. After over coming this and getting to know the new Pokemon this game was great and in my opinion is the best in the series in the longest time. The updates the game includes and how streamlined it appears is great. Also, on the gaming side I bought Spore for the PC. Now, I was excited to play this game when in it came out in 2008, because it looked exciting and it appeared there was a lot to do. However, it is now 2011 and it appears I did not miss much. The game goes quikcly, yes I know I have multiple planets, but it just doesn't hold your attention very well. I was quite disappointed with it. Lastly, I have been playing lots of Civilization V when I have the chance. That game never gets old and I enjoy every hour I play that game.   
So to end a few quick scores for those games: 
Pokemon: White Version - 5/5 
Spore - 3/5 
Civilization V - 5/5
Alright, thanks for reading.

A Sign I am Alive

I am alive and well. I am currently finishing up my second semester at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. Currently my gaming is limited to Minecraft and a little Civilization V here and there. At home I have Assassin's Creed Brotherhood to finish up. My early thoughts on that game: First off, I do like it. But I have trouble liking it more than the second one. The game definitely feels like it was a quick game to just put out for the holiday season, maybe this will change when I finish? However, it is fun and build off the success of the second one. I can't wait to go home and finish it.  
And that's about it.  


A little Update

It has been much too long since I have shared my words here. There has been nothing new really going on in my life. Just the usual. I would like to share one thing though. The movie, The Last Airbender, is the biggest piece of garbage I have ever watched. It was awful. I was a big fan of the cartoon series. This movie made the series look awful to people who are unfamiliar with it. The dialog was awful and the story was told in way that made no sense to the viewer. It was a shame to see a movie with great potential fail. No it was an EPIC FAIL!  


Top 10 Games Countdown - #10


I have decided to do a "Top 10 Countdown of my favorite games EVER" This will come in 10 parts on ten random days when I have the time to post a blog. So let the countdown begin!

Starting at number 10:

10. Pokemon: Red Version

Yes, really. Pokemon Red Version makes into my list at number 10. The reason is simple. I remember playing this game as a kid with my cousin for hours by training our Pokemon and trading them with each other. This game really shaped my childhood and helped complete my dream of being a Pokemon trader. Lets face it. This was a really good game. The game's RPG elements were simple enough for a 7 year-old to understand. The game was enjoyable and getting your Pokemon was a huge accomplishment. I am not afraid to say this is still one of my favorite games. This is one of the few Game Boy games I have not lost over time. I still have it and I am glad I do. I also own all of the Pokemon handheld games from Game Boy to DS, but this is the only one on the list.


A Deep Look into Zelda

Today, my friend pointed me to this really interesting article on Zelda Universe. The article involves some really deep themes that exist throughout different Zelda games. I encourage you to go and take a look at this article. After reading it, I thought a lot and I agree with the author. So go look at it now. 

I myself would have never considered any of the themes mentioned in the article. I would have never put them together. But truly they do connect. After reading this article it reminded me how magical the world of Zelda can be to a gamer. Zelda represents so much, but when I played these games originally as a kid, none of these themes came to mind. It is great that people still look at these story lines and connect them to see universal theme in Zelda games, intentional or not by Nintendo's part. Any ways thanks for talking a look. 

Look what I Found

I was at work today and look what I found in one of the soda machines. The red one does taste just like Halo 3 Game Fuel that was out a couple of years ago. I have not yet tried the blue one. I am guessing these are available everywhere now. Oh, if you live near a Kroger, they are on sale for .99 cents. 

MTN DEW Game Fuel


Review: X-Men Origins: Wolverine [Movie]

I was never a fan of the X-Men movies that came out previously. Actually I think they got worse as they went on. However, I think Fox was able to finally produce a good X-Men that was not too overdone. One reason I think this movies was better than all the others was it focused on one mutant, Wolverine. I thought before that the movies tried to show too many mutants and do to much at once. This is not a problem in this movie at all, the focus on one mutant makes the story much easier to understand.

This thing has another thing going for it too, the story is actually very interesting and keeps you interested in the action. There is never a dull moment or a moment where you are wonderig "What the hell is going on." The back story of Wolverine is very well explained. The story of how he learned he was mutant and running away with his brother, Victor. The beginning sequence of titles is also very cool. It shows Wolverine, Jim, and his brother, Victor or Sabertooth, in all the battles they have fought in over the years. The battles are real battles from the Civil War to World War II to Vietnam. After getting into trouble with the Army they are recruited into a special force with special powers. It is immedialy clear that this is all mutants and they are a task force to secret objectives. Stryker, the military leader in charge, has them go to a country in Africa to recover a rock. Wolverine leaves the team at this point seeing the things they are doing is not what he signed up for. Wolverine, now Logan, then begins to live the simple life in Canada with his girlfriend, Kayla. Eventually all the events that have occured come back to him, and I will close my plot summary here not to spoil it for you.

The cast gathered for this movie was a fantastice selection by caster. Of course Hugh Jackman returned for his role in Wolverine. I have always believed that Jackman was the strongest character in the X-Men movies. Comedian Ryan Renyolds plays the role of Wade and later Deadpool. It is hard to take Renyolds role seriously after all, he is a comedian. plays the role of a mutant too, he does a good job.

Overall I was very satisfied with X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I think they were able to take the series to the same level as Iron Man. I highly recomend this movie.


Good Game Deals

So the other day I was out with my friends and we decided to go to GameStop just to look around. At that time GameStop was having some "New Game" sale with up to

The same oldness.
"50% off". I decided to look at what they had for the Xbox 360. One of the titles that caught my eye was Guitar Hero: Aerosmith. I remember when the game came out that I possibly was going to get this, but after seeing it was just a dressed up copy of GH: III I never got it. Flash forward I am at GameStop with a new copy of this game going for $9.99. That is a great deal for a new game. So in my mind it was a "What the Heck" moment and I bought it. While checking out I also got a freebie, I got upgraded to the bundled version of the game and got a guitar with it for FREE. Yes, free. So I walked out of GameStop with a new sealed copy of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith and a new Guitar Hero controller. For those of you who are keeping track my friends got a bargin game from the PS2, a used copy of Sly Cooper for $4.99.

So, have any of you ever got any real sweet game deals?