Favorite Video of the Week - 2/26/09

Every Thursday night from here on out I will post my favorite video of the week. It may come from anything, music, tv, movies, anything. This one this week comes from a song by Snow Patrol, called "Run". It is a good song, so here is the music video for you:


I also am digging this new site desing, seems faster and snappier. Thanks for reading,er watching.

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I Love the Onion

So I was on Hulu, where you can watch TV online. Modern technology. So anyways the Onion has some videos and I saw this one and I couldn't stop lauging. Take a look.



The Worse Game I Played in 2008...

The worse game I played this year was probably the Force Unleashed. The SWFU is no where a terrible game, I actually enjoyed the game a lot. But from comparison from the bad games I stayed away from and the good ones I did play like Fable II and GTA IV, it is the worse compared to them. 

I think the Force Unleashed was too hyped and I was really hyped for it. The game got old after playing through a coupleof times. The manipulating the force was old after through a Storm Trooper around like fifty billion times. I recently bought the Jedi Temple level and I remembered that the concept of the game doesn't keep it's appeal. The level was very boring and made me remember that I was bored of the Force Unleashed. 

So that concludes the worse game I played in 2008. But remember, the Force Unleashed is not a terrible game, it just gets old way too fast and that doesn't make a good game.
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The New Xbox Experience

Yesterday the NXE Preview program was released to another group of people and I was one of those people this time round. Of course the first thing I did was make a 3-D representation of

The new Dashboard
 myself. The choices you have at the moment is a nice selection for features, but the choices for clothing are small. We can all guess of course Microsoft will sell a bunch of liscenced content for clothing and all that other stuff.  
The dashboard is really nice and feels more like an environment rather than a place you are stuck in before the game begins. The content is easier to find. The guide botton has also been revamped and works much much much better. There are some new live features as well, which I haven't been able to test because I am not a Gold member right now ( I need to upgrade again!) Themes are also nicer looking on the new dashboard as well. 

Thats about all I have to say. I know when the NXE is available to everyone on Nov. 19th most people will enjoy the new dashboard a lot. 

Little Update

Hey guys. I am still alive. Just been really busy with school and some other things. I got Fable II the other day and I am enjoying it so far. A lot of things I didn't like about the original Fable have been fixed. It seems more streamlined and not as easy as well. I signed up for the Preview of the New Xbox Experience, so hopefully I get selected to preview the beta. 

Thats about it for now. 
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Power Outage!

Hello fellowe bombers! I have been gone for awhile because the remenants blew through Ohio last week with 80 MPH winds that knocked power out all over my area of days. I finally got power back Saturday morning. That was six days with no power. It has not fun at all! I can see while I was gone, GiantBomb got some updates! They are all very nice looking and the new homepage is much much better. It is also cool to see guides as well. I have a bunch of pictures of the damage caused in my back yard because of the storm I mentioned earlier, I will share them here later once I find the cable to upload them! I did get The Force Unleashed yesterday and I have been playing that nonstop so far. The story is really good. I will write a review for the game once I done.

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Impressions and School

A couple of days ago the Force Unleashed was released as a demo on Xbox Live Marketplace. I woke up early that morning before school and downloaded the game and got to

Lightning is fun
play a little into the demo. After school I was able to go more in-depth with the demo. First off I think the story the game is telling is very unique and should help fills some gaps in the Star Wars universe. Second, using the force to throw Storm Troopers and Rebels around is fun. I did have some problems, but I am sure they will go away in the final release. During the demo the sound would get messed up or be off compared to the live gameplay.

So far I know this is a game I will have to have on day one and I really excited that it's release is nearing in mid-September. On the other end of the spectrum school has begun for me as well. It has been an adjustment getting used to the homework and sitting in class again. But its part of life and I can't wait for it to be over again.

That is pretty much thats all that has happened in my life recently. Catch you all on the flip-side.
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Unleashed Thursday?

I read over at  Xbox 360Fanboy that the Star Wars the Force Unleashed demo will hit PSN and Xbox Live Thursday, August 21. That is great because I have been waiting for this

I'm ready to unleash the force
demo ever since the game was announced and since Xplay did a show the other day talking about it, but no date for the demo was announced. I can't wait to test the demo out, I heard all force power will be made available for the demo as well. If that is true this should be one hell of a demo.

I also start school this week. I will be starting my junior year at my high school. It should be a great year, I have a friend returning, who left over 6 years ago and well I dunno. But I feel excited for some reason. My schedule for the first semester isn't bad either. It looks like this:
  1. AP US Government and Politics
  2. French 301
  3. Chemistry II
  4. Algebra II/Trig
  5. Classic Literature
  6. Church History
  7. Christian Doctrine
Not to bad. Two religion classes in a row. Fun. Oh, I go to a Catholic High School by the way. ;)
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You Win!

For those that guess it, yes, I am doing a video blog for your enjoyment on GiantBomb. I made that teaser trailer yesterday, I also made a new one today that I think I will use as my intro for the blog. Let me know if you like the other or the new one in this blog post. I will start making this videos soon and I will try to make it a weekly thing, but no guarantees. Instead of doing what I want to do, I want to know what you guys would like to see out of a video blog, either that be questions or well, think of something gaming, movie related. I should say as well I made these clips if you saw the ad at the end at Animoto.com it allows you to make free 30 second clips with music and photos. It is neat and I have been using it for awhile for family photos and what not.


I have some interesting ideas for this vblog and hope to make it a success and fun with your help. :)
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