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Best of luck Patrick. You brought so needed attention to often forgotten and overlooked topics. Thanks for you for all of your scoops these last four years! (Crazy it's been that long!)

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I am wondering why the chose to release it, when it had the frame rate issues it does. On Xbox One it gets so choppy.

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Maybe its bad on me, but I have largely ignored this issue. So I have no idea what is going on.

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I like it, it's easier to see premium content at a quick glance, rather than hunting for it.

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I would like to give my congratulations to Vinny!

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And of course I just bought a a replacement 3DS XL back in July....

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I am slightly more okay with Amazon buying Twitch than Google. I feel like Google wouldn't want to play nice with all the Xbox One integration Twitch has.

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I felt the same way the entire game, I never have hated a main character so much. I couldn't understand why Aiden was so upset with the consequences of his actions. He was a bad guy, and it finally caught up to him. Because of Aiden I pretty much hated Watch Dogs. It wasn't fun.

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I am so excited for him to be named the writer. I am even more excited to see who gets the standalone film treatment.

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I agree, the Mass Effect series was by-far by favorite series for the last generation. I enjoyed everything about them, except maybe ME3's ending, but whatever. The games and universe BioWare created were something special that roped me in.