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Well, I think Nintendo would piss a lot of people off. Also, Nintendo would change as a company if they cancelled a console.

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Wow, that's a lot of news to take in at once.

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That's pretty awesome!

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Well, since I am no longer a premium member I see the website presented to me with ads. I honestly don't mind, except for the front page which gets blown up with ads. I will probably be switching pack to premium soon.

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I would pay more than $15 for this shirt. Please bring it back.

C'mon you can make your own in any print shop. Just order one from Spredshirt or something. It's just a simple black text on a pink shirt, anyone can reproduce that.

This is exactly what Ryan said to do.

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Saw Jurassic Park 3D in IMAX and boy was it awesome.

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There are certain aspects, mostly story, that makes Mass Effect 2 a far superior game. Also, Mass Effect 2 fixes many of the problems in Mass Effect.

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I visit IGN and Polygon. As much as I think I disklike IGN, they have generally good articles and news coverage.

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I was a yearly subscriber for 2 years, but it ran out last September and I miss it dearly. I hope to re-up soon.

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Giant Bomb offers a lot of in-depth discussion on games like through Quick Looks and discussion on the podcasts. While they don't review every game more often than not they discuss all major release in the ways I mentioned earlier.