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An Epic Adventure with Some Faults 0

Mass Effect, a unique world and story created for BioWare exclusive to the Xbox 360 and PC. In Mass Effect you play as the main protagonist,  Commander Shepard. When the game begins you can create you own customized character or you can choose to play with the default pre-made character. The customizing elements are well thought out and let you take full control of your characters full appearance, from sex, body look, hair style, and a whole bunch of other things. The story involves Commander Sh...

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Fun for a moment 0

    Aqua Forest was one of the first games to release when the iPhone 3G launched along side the new AppThe set of puzzles included range in difficulty. Store. I was originally interested in the game due to the games engine, the "Octave Engine". The game comes with a "Free Mode" that allows you to just draw any element and just play around. There is also the "Puzzle" mode which is the actually challenging part of the game. There are several categories that are begin with tutrorials to use of all...

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An Immersive World with your Choosing 0

Fable is a game where you control your character personality, looks, and whether or not he will be good or evil. The game begins when you are a young child, and you are set on the duty to get your little sister a gift for her birthday. This is where the game first introduces you into the system of choosing whether or not you will be good or evil. You can earn the money helping others and being the good lad or you can be the village bully by beating kids up and helping others not so nice. Once yo...

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The Game that changed a Generation 0

The Legend of Zelda has stood the test of time, and continues to be on the greatest games ever to come to a gaming console. The Legend of Zelda is a perfect game and that is with no doubt. The Legend of Zelda started off on the NES and was a huge immersing world even without the 3-D realm. But now Nintendo has expanded the game and the legend into a game that cannot be surpassed by anyone else. The game begins with a boy dreaming in a small room. He then is awoken by a small fairy name Navi. The...

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Even some problems can't stop a Bully 0

Bully arrived almost two years ago on Sony's PlayStation 2. At that moment we saw Rockstar could make a game that didn't have guns, car driving, or blood. Bully follows the story of Jimmy Hawkins, a teenage boy, left behind at Bullworth Academy as his mother and new step-father drive away for the Honeymoon, which will be a year long. You are now left alone at Bullworth, to make your own path, by fitting into new groups such as the nerds or greasers, go to class, or even get a girlfriend (kissing...

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Forming your own band was never so fun. 0

Rock Band is developed by Harmonix the guys behind Guitar Hero. This year the guys took it one step forward and introduced not only the guitar, but also drums and singing into the mix. This leads to one of the best family and friends experiences I have ever had playing a video game. Rock Band's set up is very nice. It is set-up well and plays out well. First lets talk about the instruments themselves. The guitar control, which can also be a bass, is very much the same as the Guitar Hero contro...

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GTA IV finally brings everything to life 0

Rockstar brought back Liberty City for Grand Theft Auto IV. This time Liberty City has been changed and made more realistic and more fun for the player. Rockstar has also fixed all of the problems in past GTA IV games, from irritating glitches and the weapon system to make a more rounded game. This time round we follow Niko Bellic. He has come to the United States to start a new life, a better than the one that he had in the "old country" he comes from. He comes on behalf of his cousin, Roman,...

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