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Xbox aaronBLUEeyes

Pawn: Thaddeus

LVL 200 Strider Strong with natural strength of 655 with nothing equipped, 4,600HP.

Hey has mainly all DFed equipment and has a few new items that are silver/gold rarefied. This photo was from right before DA was released. Thad's the one on the right.

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@IroN1c said:

Not true at all. It was never hard to find games, people just complained that with the Server Update (which allows you to create your own custom game, renting servers) EA seemed to reduce the number of their official servers. But they've increased the number of official servers lately, so there´s more official servers than ever before.

I hope that EA has increased official servers, I haven't played in a few weeks cause I don't have Gold but once the 25th hits gunna get Armored Kill and I hope there's more official servers

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Cool, how do you like it thus far? For PS3 or Xbox? If it's for Xbox my Gamertag is: aaronBLUEeyes. Send me a friend request so you can use my pawn and not have to pay like a million Rift Crystals to rent my pawn. And I'll use yours occasionally. Maybe I can give you some cool gear too

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I was so close yet so far, one of my Pawn's photos was selected for Second Place Prize! Only one from each region so My pawn won the North American region. This is cool and all but I was hoping to get special pawn status to help me get into the top 100 ranking. As of now my rank is 1,890. Here's the photo that won me Second Prize:

Did anyone else here enter the contest? I hope they continue to do these contests.

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I may try is it as an Assassin and use Dire Gougeon his sweet spots with Ascalon

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Ayyy i missed the kill again lol I've been fighting him the past 2 days. for Generation 57 I fought him for like 2 days and caught him in the Grace Period but he flew off before i could finish him off. I hate the 8 min intervals. I have been using mystic knight class although I do have Assassin completely unlocked which i plan to use today to farm stuff from the everfall since i have like nothing.

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Hello I'm looking for the Dragon Knight's Cloak for my Pawn Thaddeus.

I have allot of cool items I would trade for it, here's a list of a few ideas, and if there's something else your lookin for I'll see if i have it, as long as it worth while.

  • Lordly Cloak (3 Stars)
  • Feral Cape (3 Stars)
  • Magnanimous Cloak
  • Direwolf Cape (Dragon Forged)

Thanks for looking!

Gamertag: aaronBLUEeyes

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Hey everybody, I just recently got into Post-game after beat Grigori. I have been exploring the Everfall and currently LVL 87 I believe. I fought for a couple hours last night then for almost two hours today the Online Ur Dragon. I was sooo close to killing him, but because of the 8min intervals he left I had to wait. then when I went back in he was slain.

Now he should be Generation 58, any advice to taking him down? I am using a Mystic Knight class, with focuses on Blessed Enchantments, as it does 130% dmg according to wikia, and combining those with Great Cannon, Holy Furor, and Ruinous Sigil. My main Pawn Thad is a fighter equiped with Dragon Forged Ascalon. Should I use Sorcerers or Archers for ranged attacks? I had such a hard time getting to each red glowing disc when he was almost dead. Do i have to land physical blows like the Metal Golem, or will magick work also?

Any advice is appreciated.

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To start a New Game +, you will need to complete the quest Fathom Deep .

1. Get all 20 wakestones

2. Talk to the NPC that wants said wakestones

3. Jump in giant gaping portal at the bottom of the Everfall

4. Go through cutscenes

5. Attack the Seneschal

6. Cutscene

7. Once again attack him

8. Another cutscene

9. Go down the path with multiple people and slaughter them (or you can just run past all of them)

10. Fight Savan and his pawn

11. Savan will then give you godsbane blade to use against him.

12. Ask him questions (optional) then stab him.

12.5 Sit on the throne and "live as the Seneschal"

13. After you sit on the throne, you'll be an invisible Seneschal in your home village. Simply leave the village via front gate to return to the throne room.

14. Now take out Godsbane in the throne room and stab yourself

15. Go to load game and follow the instructions

WARNING: Be sure to choose "Load Game" DO NOT!!!! choose "New Game". All your work and progress will be deleted starting a brand new game.

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Well at least Madeleine was a busty blonde lol and not a scruffy male Blacksmith like Caxton, hahaha. I concur, they should have either done more with the concept or lost it completely.