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@isomeri: Thanks for your reply. That is a good idea but it would cost me shipping charges and my job is to work with soldering and electrics so I'm quite confident I can fix it and also enjoy the job too.

I may deconstruct my old Xbox 360 controller when I get home to see what I can salvage. But I just wondered if anyone has had this problem and solved it like this before?

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Hi guys, unfortunately the left stick on my Xbox One Controller broke the other day (Be warned as I've heard this weakness is quite a common problem).

I was just wondering if anyone could confirm that I can use the whole analogue stick from an old Xbox 360 controller to replace the broken one on my Xbox One?

I have an old Xbox 360 controller so if I could desolder the whole analogue unit from that, it would work great on my new Xbox One controller!


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@micemoney: Thanks, that's so awesome! I'm getting an Xbox One for my birthday in a week and the more I read about it the more I love it. I think it's a shame MS didn't show off more of these features, as I would have got it months ago if I had known some of these!

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I was just wondering if anyone could answer a couple of questions I have about game sharing.

So if my buddy logs into his Xbox account on my Xbox One, then configures his account as my Home Xbox. I can then sign in to my account and play any of his downloaded games and even have free Xbox Gold on MY account?

I just can't quite believe how this can be allowed? Will it work on any game you can download too, Titanfall, COD: Ghosts etc? And can it just work one way or will I have to sign into my account on his Xbox One and set that to his Home Xbox too?

Thanks for the help :)

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@schlorgan: Awesome thanks man, getting an Xbone in a couple weeks and I'm already on a tight budget :D

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@schlorgan: Thanks for you reply, is "mid" a typo though? Can't figure out what you meant?

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There's one on ebay buy it now, got to be quick. Can anyone please answer my question?

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I was just wondering if someone could tell me if there are any included codes with a new copy of BF4 for the Xbox One?

I'm thinking of picking it up Pre-owned and wanted to make sure I don't miss out on any extra content included in a new version.


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Rest in Peace Ryan. I grew up watching and listening to you and the gang. You will always be missed.

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I would love a Diablo III Guest Pass please, I really need to try it out and see if it will run alright on my PC before I can commit to buying it but I'm really desperate to play it!

Big thanks to anyone who can help me out!