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You are absolutely correct. Unfortunately it seems like their customer service is just awful and just gave me false information. After the deal Fable 3 is still available so sorry for the false alarm community!

Nothing to see here, move along...

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Im pretty sure they said this window of free games will only last until the next gen consoles are released. Correct me if im wrong.

Seems a little silly giving away games that are 6+ gigs and expecting somebody to have to store them forever if they want to keep playing. I don't know about you guys but my hard drive tends to be pretty full. I know they said they were only giving away the free games until the next console release, I get that. I even understand and am fine with having to download it within the window, but once you do seems like you should be able to grab it again later.

If I am proved right, it will just mean that I have to free up space on my hdd, which isn't super bad. Free games are my favorite price. Still seems a little unreasonable given other similar services.

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@mlarrabee said:

@abaddon: I'd suggest plugging in a flash drive large enough to hold Fable 3, transferring it over, turning off the system and removing the drive, and seeing if Fable 3 still shows up as a purchased, downloadable item.

Hopefully these free games are just like any other GoD purchases, but I can accept it if they aren't.

I don't have a flash drive big enough but I can probably just remove the hard drive and then check the marketplace and get the same test results. I won't be able to test this out until I'm back from vacation though which'll be on the 8th. I really hope I'm wrong and these gold reward games are permanent, but quotes from xboxlive staff make it seem otherwise:

"Abaddon: so the free games being given to gold members through the rest of the year are only free while you have them on your hard drive?
Xbox: That when you were downloaded it as free, and when deleted or tried to have it re-downloaded after a year or two, it will be for a certain price already.
Xbox: Yes, that's the case, Abaddon."

(I changed the names for privacy)

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@clonedzero said:

Fable 3 was the free one. Not 2.

I understand that, but my fear is that once we get past July 1st and Fable III is no longer available, if you did download it during the exclusive window and delete it after that point you lost the game. I suppose somebody would need to delete Fable III after July first to confirm this though. I know I don't want to be the one to lose the free game though...

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I believe I got Fable II through a similar gold exclusive "free game" years ago, it's not in my purchase history but is in my download as a full game so while I can't clearly remember how I picked it up that makes the most sense. This is more going to impact every "free gold game" being released through the rest of the year. If Fable III behaves as this experience did, once the next set of games roll up, if you delete your Fable III it's gone.

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I first noticed the issue on my console, so I am pretty sure I cannot even download it there. I will double check this when I am back home however this is a direct quote from a xboxlive spokesperson:

"That when you were downloaded it as free, and when deleted or tried to have it re-downloaded after a year or two, it will be for a certain price already."

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Never delete your xboxlive gold exclusive "free games" after the exclusive window, you cannot re-download them as you did not receive a license.

"Abaddon: so the free games being given to gold members through the rest of the year are only free while you have them on your hard drive?
Xbox: That when you were downloaded it as free, and when deleted or tried to have it re-downloaded after a year or two, it will be for a certain price already.
Xbox: Yes, that's the case, Abaddon."


This morning I was preparing for a vacation and I was planning on bringing my 360 with me to catch up on some gaming while I have the extra time. I deleted Fable II to make room for Fable III (ironically enough) and then immediately noticed that Fable II didn't display "download again", just the price of $19.99. Checked my download history and sure enough Fable II is in there and listed in 2010 and clearly states "game", not to be confused with something like "trial game". Fable II is in my download history but not in my purchased history, so I must have gotten this through a gold exclusive game.

I had assumed that exclusive free game meant that you had to download it within the exclusive time to get the license, but that it would be yours going forward. This is a reward for being a loyal customer all these years, right? This is part of the justification for the money I spend for a gold subscription, isn't it?

I spent about an hour with xboxlive support trying to get this resolved. I won't go into how frustrating that experience was, I'll just leave it with the fact that I had to ask to talk to a supervisor to get any traction and that was after 45 minutes. The end result was that I was promised the message would be cleared up on the site about the nature of the exclusiveness, but that these games are only available to download within the exclusive window, basically I was out of luck. The helpful supervisor then suggested I contact support before deleting content if I was in question. Great.

Perhaps this is just me, but this seems incredibly misleading. I feel like I was given a "reward" that was then stolen out of my back pocket when I wasn't looking. Perhaps this was just the push I needed to help me decide on which console I'm buying next generation but in the least if my story can save somebody else keeping their gold games that are being released through the rest of the year it would make me feel better about the encounter.

Ultimately I would love to convince Microsoft of the error of their ways so that they treat their customers a little better. Yet I am just a humble gamer, and posting in a community that I respect is the best idea I've got.

I have logs of the xboxlive support, screenshots of my download history, screenshots of the current Fable III page and fine print as well as the Fable II page showing the current price. If anybody has any ideas or contacts that can make enough noise to rattle Microsoft enough to make them listen I'd be glad to lend my time and resources.

(Edited original post to make it clear that Fable II was a gold exclusive reward originally)

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I dug into this in firebug and figured out why the image is breaking - the link structure is being built incorrectly.
My two characters that don't have avatar images have links pointing at:
But I noticed all the  other characters have dont have the "-71" or "-73" structure:
So I removed the "-71" /  "-73" and the images load correctly:
On a side note, 71 and 73 are the levels for these characters, so it seems to make sense that's where the number is coming from
I pushed one of my characters with this error up to 80 and after giant bomb updated the next day the image was displaying. So until the fine folks at whiskey media can get this one resolved, just get your ass to mars... um 80.

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I've been having this same issue (specifically with wow avatars when adding achievements) - there doesn't seem to be any consistent factor in the characters that aren't showing up. One was an undead mage that just transfered, another an orc warrior that had been sitting on the server awhile.  Once the character has been created even if you delete the account and re-add it the picture never seems to show up. 
Perhaps this is being caused by the armory being unavailable when the account/picture are being added. If so whatever steps add to the accounts to the achievement list could perhaps be delayed until all the information was ready?

If somebody could take a look at this I for one would be appreciative.