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Does SNOW-9 come from Cloud Nine? - A Snatcher Review 0

  "Adventure"? Certainly! "Cyberpunk"? Not so much.   Since my last review was about an extremely expensive and difficult to acquire game, I thought it would be best to cover a similarly rare and expensive game. The logic of winners, I assure you. But as with my last review--and I'll be up front with you about this--this is another game worth the expense. And this time, it's in English!  Say "Konami Omni" ten times fast.     Hideo Kojima's Snatcher is an odd bird. It does not fall wi...

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Nonsensical Engrishgun - A review of Radiant Silvergun 0

 Do you see that "TREASURE" there? I see a seal of supreme quality assurance.   I love Treasure. They, unlike many current game developers, have discovered the "golden mean" of the games they produce, the exact ratios to make each title a cohesive and non-obstructive experience. Treasure games are hard, but never impossible. They are unabashedly flashy, without ever being distracting. They are daunting without ever seeming insurmountable, and with each challenge, each wall you overcome, y...

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