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@AllIsHeresy: haha, of all the games I could've won, it was DmC. Thanks!

Now I can play it myself and see what all the fuss is about.

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I'm sure they'll get it later this year. Usually it's the other way round, with Europe getting PS Plus games a month or two after the US.

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Just wanna say this game is awesome. I don't usually buy DLC for games but I might get Nightmare in Northpoint. Also, this is DLC done right: adds stuff to the game that's pretty much optional, unlike certain games that feel like they've removed something that should've been part of it to begin with.

Edit: forgot to mention that it's also great to see developers who give a damn about making great PC versions of their games.

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Holy crap, you guys have certainly outdone yourselves. Bravo!

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@wumbo3000: hate to disappoint you, but it's "coke"

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I should've known Sega's situation wasn't as bad as it seemed to be, since they have enough money to acquire Relic. I guess there's still hope for Yakuza 5 to reach these shores.

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Good stuff, Alex. But what about Year of the Cage?

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@Branthog: no worries, just take care of yourself first. Man, I wish I had these fever dreams I hear so much about, whenever I get sick it's just boring old headaches and a runny nose.

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Come on, already read this on Polygon, Eurogamer and Joystiq hours ago.