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Yeah, this really is more suited to a personal blog. The people saying "but they talk about random stuff on the Bombcast" need to keep in mind that they still mostly talk about video games and only spend 2-3 hours a week. This article must've taken a lot more time to do, and it's basically one person's personal work on something that is entirely outside of video games. It doesn't belong here.

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Also- guys I think you were supposed to announce a kickstarter or something at the end of the video... this feels really strange without anything like that.

I'm so glad it didn't turn into this. A Humble Bundle is a much better idea; they get to sell more copies of their game, and they get to make some money without having to be forced to work towards a specific goal.

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Great animation. I kinda miss when the bombcast used to be this funny.

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@humanity: I've been away from my PC the last couple of days, but I finally claimed it. Thanks!

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I thought the PS4 kickoff show was pretty good. I'm looking forward to a real bare-knuckle brawl in the alley for my consumer $$$ this November. I'll throw my loose change at the winning bum. I want blood though.

Paying for online, blocking used games and focussing on downloading and streaming? There will be blood.

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@AllIsHeresy: haha, of all the games I could've won, it was DmC. Thanks!

Now I can play it myself and see what all the fuss is about.

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I'm sure they'll get it later this year. Usually it's the other way round, with Europe getting PS Plus games a month or two after the US.