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I think people just have a crazy unreasonable expectation of how much it cost to make a video game. A low budget for a video game of this caliber is usually 10-20 million. There are so many games on kick starter that low ball what it cost to make a game just so they have a shot at making it.

I for one still cant wait to see the double fine game even if its only half because half is just about what everyone paid for.

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I think we might be playing this sim city 5 a little to much like sim city 4. I honestly think you get much more out of the game making a small town with a specialty that trades with other towns but, we all are still trying to make grid square cities to see how many sims we can shove in there. this is why i think they made it all online that and a game like this offline would be way to easy to pirate.

I just wish they would have had us test the online multi player with regions instead of this advertisement beta because we all still know nothing about how it will really be played once your on with 3 other people playing and a global market.

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@Pr1mus: I think they should still have an offline mode too. That being said i think what they are trying to do is make everyone dependent on someone for online play i am just not sure how it will work because from what i have played you really don't need other player unless you want to build a mega structure ie space shuttle.

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The game so far is great the only thing i think it needs is better balancing for building costs like wind power. I personally think wind power is to cheap and cost effective i have yet to really need a coal or oil power plant and, i have filled the map with buildings and it all runs off 1 wind power plant but maybe i am missing something.

Also i wish they wouldn't use the circle AOE feature with parks and such they should have stayed with the road AOE feature that everything else uses.

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the War z crew has nothing to do with Day z crew but, war z was trying to release there game first so that they can get a chunk of mun then run for the hills before Dayz stand alone game appears. The main problem with War z is most of the people hack in the game and, the people who make this game never punished hacking until it was to late if they were to ban players for hacking the bulk of there player base would vanish.

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so ya i am getting my ass kicked on this mode. Anyone having some success?

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i lost most of the country's all at the same time do to impossible ironman and 5 flat out defeats :-)

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my first team will be named after the characters in Predator sense they have experiences in this field :-) after that everyone from Kelly's hero's if i need more names chances are im about to loose.:-(

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Preloaded and from the hours of 11pm until the game is unlocked i will refresh my library.