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I remember when The Settlers was new and i was working at a friends small gamestore and a customer walks in and asking why the items in the game turned into pigs, i told him it was a copy protection and that he should buy the game ,,and he did :P

Yeah this is probably one of the best anti-piracy measures ever :D

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Here is my strategy: Wait for the reviews to hit, then "pre order" the game. If that doesn't work but the game is good buy the game, then later buy the DLC for 5€ cause of course they'll sell it at some point.

It's hard for me to be angry at Sega though. If people pre-order a game because of this, it'll be stupid not to do it.

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This is pretty weird format for a relatively uninteresting story. Not sure I'm a huge fan of it, since 90% of it is stuff I already know. I get that not everybody has this vast knowledge of super important stuff like I do but I hope Patrick improves on this a bit, cause this feels like the articel version of the Skyward Sword tutorial. I already know how to jump Nintendo!

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I agree that there could have been a few more people on the coach but I personally love when they play old games. Although I'm really bummed out that Dan didn't play Pac Man 2

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Kudos to them for doing that. I don't think anybody would be mad if they decided to take this day off.

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If I would still drink alcohol I'd buy a bottle of the finest wine out there just to raise my glass to him. Thanks for everything Ryan.

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Gettind rid of comments is not a great way cause it also harms the fine folks on GB. How about only letting people comment on videos etc if they have x amount of posts? Sure that would probably increase spamming to a point, but I bet it would also cut down on the number of new accounts created just for spewing hatred. I guess that would put even more pressure on the mods though, so maybe that's not that great either. Maybe having to wait for at least a day or so would before you can post is actually a good idea, a week might be a bit too long.

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@bigjeffrey: also

She's tweeting insulting stuff, deleting it then getting mad at people calling her out. She.. has issues.

Up to this point the hate for Leigh always confused the hell out of me since I couldn't find anything bad she did. Actually she seemed pretty fun. I always figured this was just some exaggeration by some folks but reading this apparently she really hates the GB crew? I honestly don't understand what's going on and yes I know the video where she mistook a number.

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Some people are harassing people who were upset by Giant Bomb not hiring a minority. It's okay to disagree with them, but people should really not resort to transphobic name calling or threats.

Yeah, Disagreeing with someone is one thing. Looking up someones address and threatening to rape them is fucking sick. Who ever did that please never darken our door again.

What the fuck man. Bunch of idiots. While I personally find it a bit mean towards Dan and Jason to be "disappointed", especially if you have little to no connection with GB, attacking those people is even more idiotic.

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I guess Miku is just as bad as any other "singer" who heavily relies on auto-tune (Hi Jason DeRulo) so after some research I came to the conclusion that I don't care either way and will continue to not listen to Miku or Bieber. Just to my ultra-cool indie labels that none of you know cause you're too mainstream. (But seriously, it sounds just as bland and boring as most real popstars, so I really don't care)