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While I do think that this stream was great I think they need a MP break for at least a couple of months and maybe play less rounds if they do another one. 35 seems fine, 50 is just too much. The boards are simply not varied enough to support a 4 hour game with at least 2 people hating the game.
Also I spent 5 minutes in the chat, closed it and never looked back. Sad to see, really.

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If th puzzles in GF makes you shake your head, you should play Alone in the Dark 2 (or was it 3) at some point. Throwing a sack of scorpions into a pit opens the door you say? Alright!

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Yes, but I do think 50 rounds might be too many.

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Their moderation can be bullshit. I posted a pic to Miiverse of the kid who is blowing snot bubbles out of his nose on Link's home island in Wind Waker and commented that he was doing so, and Nintendo took the post down because it was deemed "offensive."

Don't post sick filth like that here! Flagged!

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I don't like this idea of "I hope they hire somebody diverse" cause it basically turns whoever they hire into "The girl" or "the black kid" from those kids movies back then. They should hire somebody who fits. Don't care if it's a man, woman, black, white or whatever.

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What are those "obvious reasons" to not show Rythem Heaven? HUH? I NEED IT. GIVE iT TO ME. WHY DO YOU DO THIS NINTENDO ARRGH

Seriously, there are like 10 lines of text in the game, just let some dude on the internet translate it and make it an e-shop title for god's sake!

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I tried using the tactical view exactly once (M/T) and it controlled horribly. Also it is never needed since 99% of the time I just stand around, hold down the left mouse button and press whatever ability is ready at the moment.
It's like they looked at the combat in Skyrim and said "Let's recreate that"

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insert frog fractions 2 joke here: __________

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I hope some people have played Talos Principal. Cause it is effin amazing. I'm seriously surprised how much I love this game. You! Yes you! Go play it, now!