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It's always sad to see great developers take hits like this.

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Matt is like a younger version of Ryan Davis.

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I hope I win

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Rocket Riot looks awesome, but my MS point count is at 0.  : (

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And then your clumsy friend will trip and smash the boxes!  Then what will you have?

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I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt for now.  There's no saying that they can make this a respectable game. 

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TheGTAvaccine said:
"abombb said:
"As a regular Gamestop shopper,
Ewwww. :P"
Very small town, nowhere to get games except the one Gamestop and the Wal-Mart across town, too young to shop online.  What can you do, lol.
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Welcome, you'll definitely enjoy this site and the community here..  You won't see me post alot though since I'm into the wiki editing too much, lol.

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As a regular Gamestop shopper, I am constantly irritated at the numerous amount of price and advertising stickers they put on their boxes.  It just ruins the look, and it's a hassle to try to peel them off without damaging the box itself.  After I was done Christmas shopping the other day, I went to peel off the price stickers, because I find it to be a bad practice to leave the price tag on someone elses gift.  Now they're putting the price tag inside the slip of the game, making it impossible to get rid of.  It dosen't even make any sense why they would do that.  Why can't they just put one small price sticker at the bottom of the game?  Just a thought.

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Can't play bonus songs in Guitar Hero 3 because of this.