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So basically just get the bourbon I was going to get if I didn't get a response? I like how this worked out. Thank you gentlemen (and ladies if any of you are) for the help.

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So what was Ryan's preferred bourbon? I'm considering picking some up for my birthday, and I'd like to know what he drank.

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So what game is everyone most ashamed they haven't beaten? Mine is the first STALKER. It was the first game I bought on steam but, for whatever reason I put it down almost immediately.

@bio2hazard: I demand the return of the fire background this moment! It was glorious!

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I think this website would look much better with a flame background.

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@Hizang said:

Alright then, I shall not sleep but instead practise my juggling skills.

Chainsaws are in the garage.

EDIT: I've slept when I was babysitting my 5 year old cousin. The house did not burn down, he didn't hang himself with his socks, and the universe didn't implode. As long as you aren't a heavy sleeper, and you have a baby monitor for the 2 year old, go for it.

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It seems to be working again.

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Same here son.

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I'm just going to wait for a black friday sale to get this and a half dozen other games.