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Any chance of this coming back any time soon?

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Graphical impressions aside, Titanfall is a great game because it plays well. This looks like that experience comes through. Congrats to all who get to play.

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PSUs are a snap to install. The biggest hurdle might be plugging everything back in. But if you keep your CPU and your pci-e connectors straight, you should be fine. I would reccomend a modular PSU, as it reduces clutter and makes installation much easier.

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This is why I love and hate PC gaming.

If there's a problem, there's a fix! It's an immensely hackable platform.

Also: If there's a problem, There's a fix, which requires some forum research and potentially worrisome ini editing. Sometimes you have to trust a program you've never heard of or run before.

Overall, IMHO, the benefits outweigh the risks. This is why I cancelled my PS4 preorder and am going to throw my money at a new graphics card.

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I never knew you. You never knew me. You were intelligent, entertaining, and somewhat belligerent. I fucking miss that.

I wish you had been here longer.

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I started using it when it was shown to me that writing in cursive is faster and more legible at that speed. It takes more time than you think to pick your pen up and put it down again.

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@daneian said:

I have no idea what to make of the One at this point.

I'm not sure what its capable of, what its policies are or what features it will utilize. Will it harness the power of the 'cloud' or was that bull the entire time?

MS wasn't exactly communicating properly out of the gate and their changes only make their stance and strengths more murky.

This, and also: right now I know that:

1. Almost nobody has real production hardware for either system.

2. Both sides of this argument are currently involved in a knives-drawn competition to win the next-gen hardware mindshare.

It is not a time for speculation based on official remarks.

Until somebody, independent from either MS or Sony's camp, pull a unit out of a box and can do whatever they want with it, I would consider all HW performance related specs to be nothing more than a desperate plea to get noticed.

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She looks upset