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The stream seems to have died again. What happened? I need my fix.


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I keep wondering what he'd think of what's going on now. There's a little bit of negative space in the world.

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I will be....if it goes back up on Steam

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Still miss his presence. Respect.

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I am really into this

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Dude swept through like a force of nature, an absurd act of embodying a universal constant of joy and then dissapearing.

The context of his passing will change. Interpretation of his influence will change. His laugh and enthusiasm won't.

As much as we've been robbed, we recognize the loss.

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Just had a similar problem. Check the temps on your GPU and CPU when they're at %100. You can use Prime95 and Furmark for the CPU and GPU respectively.

Check mobo settings in bios as well

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Titanfall is easily worth $30. Most people didn't spend very long with it, but even if it's a short experience, it's a very satisfying experience.

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I'm done. I hope everyone here prospers, but I can't do with a lack of vinnycasts or signature livestream madness. Combined with personal experiences and a bit of reflection,

there's always a matter of timing, and this feels like my exit.

Thank you so, so much.