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@blacklabeldomm: Ewwww. . . what a piece of shit!
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Why did I say "miraculous" when referring to the possibility of an open source console?  Hell, I think it'll happen for sure!  What was DVD, after all, but a standard dreamed up by an international consortium of companies?  It'll happen, maybe not now, maybe not in five years, but it will, and there's no telling what kinds of games we'll see then.
As far as business theory goes:  Look at the state the economy is in!  Those geniuses over at the Federal Reserve are supposed to be well-versed in all that BS, right?  But where has it gotten us?  Nowhere.  Furthermore, huge businesses miss opportunities and do stupid things all the time.  In the future, we're going to be seeing just how unpredictable human behavior is.  You can't contain the capriciousness of our race in a flippin' textbook.

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Yes, $300 is way too much for a piece of equipment that's really, really, really fragile and is not supposed to be.

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@Napalm said:
You know nothing about business, do you?
And I guess you're a friggin' marketing genius huh? 
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So many consoles.  Who has the money?  Who has the space?  Why can't there be a really awesome open source console that any manufacturer can make?  Why can't our PCs be so powerful that you don't have to pay 400 bucks for a new graphics card every time a game comes out and then obsessively tweak settings for said game to work?
I think that Microsoft and perhaps Sony designed their latest consoles to die on purpose at a certain point beyond warranty so you'd be ready to get their next system, which hopefully would be on the market by then, in order to fill the gaming void.  Anybody else think this?  Of course, it worked a little too well in the Xbox 360's case . . . and no, I'm not a fanboy, 'cause that's just what I had!
I'm not buying a new console unless it's some kind of open source thing that miraculously doesn't suck.  PS2 and Gamecube and emulation for me.  I must be in the minority.  Or maybe not?

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They might as well air it.  Well, they should anyway.  Reality is much more horrifying than an imaginary urethra full of skittles.

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The first 1/4 is fun.  I loved the spiders, the dangerous natives, the organic environments.  As soon as you enter Super Industrial Saw Kingdom, however, the game takes a nosedive in terms of fun.  I guess 90 degree angles and lame flip-the-switch puzzles were just easier to pull off.

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So sick of pushing boxes and slowly carrying heavy things around in games!  Just for irony, somebody ought to make a game called Stevedore: The Revenge, wherein you beat the crap out of fleshy, veiny, scowling crates. 

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Oh, yes, all the time!  NES, TG-16, old arcade, SNES, Sega Genesis, Master System . . . I love that stuff!  The continuing popularity of old games, and the success of new games with retro ambiance, prove that simple mechanics and 2D fields of play will never be phased out. 

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Quick, list all the decent sidescrolling games with melee weapons in them that you can!  They must be decent, and the games must put an emphasis on corps-a-corps combat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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