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Plain pink BBG. 

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I have beaten every game I've purchased in the past five years, with the exception of Oblivion (too many bugs, stupid leveling system, boring world).  I have pretty eclectic tastes on the whole.   
I can't imagine giving up on a game because a boss was hard.  A game has to be mad stoopid buggy before I'll quit it.  However, I probably don't buy hardly any of the really bad ones in the first place.

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@blacklabeldomm said:
r u british?
Nope.  I'm from Kentucky, and a fairly rural section of it at that.
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How many of you gotta have your tea everyday?  I drink black in the morning, plain green gunpowder at work, more black after dinner and green gunpowder mixed with mint at night.  I never drink anything very expensive.

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I don't drink.  I don't like to be under the power of others more than I have to, and I don't like headaches.  Mercifully, I almost never get headaches.

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I only bought one game new in my entire life:  Bayonetta.  I actually pre-ordered that one.  However, my uncle had given me an Amazon gift certificate for Christmas, and I used that.  
Everything else?  Used.  I don't mind playing old games.  I'll play ancient games,  new games.  I recently bought Dark Cloud 2, a very old game by kid standards (that is to say, most of your standards), and am enjoying the heck out of it.

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Huh.  I still love it for some reason.  And I played it several years after it came out. 

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@Thrillhouse87 said:

I really think there MUST be more to life than a series of coincidences of assembled atoms and molecules that just HAPPENS to form something as perfect and advanced as LIFE. And just think about the math of how unlikely your existence is if you only get one life and if its all a coincidence. How unlikely was it that all of your ancestors should be born and meet each other so you could be born? And how every detail in all of their lifes and the life of those around them determined the outcome of their legacy. A series of "one-in-a-million" odds happening billions of times In all the billions of years our world has existed. And you can even go further back than that, how unlikely was it that our planet should be "born"? 

Finally, somebody said it!  Yeah, to say that evolution is due to accidental but beneficial mutations occurring hundreds of millions of times without too much genetic junk in the spaces between, thereby lending an oftentimes necessary survival skill just in the nick, is BULLSHIT.  Yes, natural selection plays some part, but neither it nor accidental mutation can account for bugs that look exactly like leaves or sea creatures that eat the stinging nematocytes off of jellyfish and turn them to their own advantage, not to mention birds that have beaks specially shaped for their dietary needs.  Many of these features are necessary.  Yet the hypothesized accidental mutations occurred very, very slowly.  Surely, all the little funny creatures would've died out by the time the accidental mutations produced a feature that was actually useful?
I'm not a Christian.  The Yin (the physical world) is cruel, and the shape that the Yang (that is, life) must take within it is often cruel.  However, there is more to life than accident and death; life has a great big carrot dangling in front of it, mostly unseen to all us constituent particles, but clear and tasty to life as aggregate, keeping it striving for something ever-greater, forever and ever. There is a purpose to life.  Even if you, OP, were to die today, it would not be in vain.
On a related note, I would like to recommend this excellent book on reincarnation from the University of Virginia's Personality Studies division:  LIFE BEFORE LIFE by Jim B. Tucker.  Talk about some hard-to-explain-away stuff.
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One thing I really want to know about this game is how the interactive cinematics they've been talking about work.  Supposedly, it's a lot more controllable than QTE.  Whatever the case, hope it plays as great as it looks.

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The bond with the dragon kind of reminds me of Cavia's Drakengard, but nobody's got a patent on dragon-riding.  I'm really pumped about this Western-styled action RPG, I gotta say.  Maybe it'll fill the hole left by my heart, which Robot Chicken-necked Oblivion so cruelly tore from my breast.

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