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Oh my god, this looks so cool!  I can see the Roger Zelazny influence, big time!  Great science fiction/fantasy writer, wrote lots of stories about godlings who rise from banishment or even death to shake the self-satisfied angels from the heavens.  Anybody who likes sci-fi/fantasy, take a look at LORD OF LIGHT or the Amber series.

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Oh, great, a neocon ninja game.  "Swallow slash through the forces of terror!  Rip the throats of domestic extremists with your windmill shuriken!  Make the world safe for democracy once more!"  I wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Anonymous looks like Ron Paul under his mask . . .
And just, blah.  So flat.  No style.  Doesn't even look as good as the original Xbox game.  That's what ya get when you try to make a Gaiden without Groper-san.

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He must be able to exorcise demons with an obscene gesture.

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What does it need to be great? 
For me:  Playing mainly as white-haired, messed-up Zach as he develops himself through further spectral adventures, with occasional playable flashbacks to old cases, during which York is dominant; fewer crates, though I won't cry about it; more monsters; longer main quest.

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I would just call it "game player" since in my hypothetical world, everybody would be be able to play the same games on many different generic players that adhere to a certain technical standard, like DVDs.  Before this can become a reality, processing technology must reach a plateau, and a high one at that.
Yeah, screw Nintendo's machine, screw Microsoft's machine, screw Sony's machine, my Chinese GemBoi does a good job for the money.
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Just break yourself in.  Start with the crudest of the crude, like Berzerk, text adventures or classic Jumpman.  After a while, you'll find a special delight in cruder graphics.  Thinking in terms of Grandma Moses paintings here -- they ain't masterful, but they're enjoyable to look at.  Older gamers like me don't usually have much of a problem with this, but I can certainly understand how younger gamers might. 

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I tend to see DLC as an afterthought.  It can be pretty cool sometimes, however; I did enjoy the Minerva's Den DLC for Bioshock 2.  But without it, the game still would have been rawsome.  So DLC is nice, but not necessary.  Most important thing is to polish the original product to a mercury sheen without worrying overly much about future add-ons.

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I would go for an FF7 remake IF the story were tightened up and expanded considerably.  Also, MAKE SEPHIROTH BEATABLE WITHOUT KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND, because having to play that stupid Chocobo minigame made me vomit semi-liquid rage.  Furthermore, 1.5 times the monsters.  Some new locations wouldn't hurt, either.  

FF6 is still better, though.  It was so good that FF7 couldn't help but borrow heavily from it story-wise.  But nothing comes from whole cloth; make up something completely original, and it will be incomprehensible and lame (the notorious short story, "The Eyeball Glans-Flower of Gilf" comes to mind).  Quibbles and comparisons aside, FF7 still has enough character as it is for a slightly tarnished silver cookie.  The version that I imagine would deserve a golden cookie, though.
Just a side thing:  people don't talk about an FF6 remake so much because it was so satisfying as it was, is and will be.  The little pixel characters touch your imagination in a way that the million-poly protags of newer games don't.

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If I'm taking a shower, brushing my teeth, flossing, shaving or just whizzing, A-Okay.  Might even make the task more interesting.  Crapping?  No, I must summon my strength for it in solitude.

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@HummingLight: True about Half Life 1; I only finished it and its add-ons because of the acute gaming masochism I was suffering from at the time.  Staggering in scope for its time, deserving of its place in everybody's VG museum, but not very fun at all to play.  I agree about the graphics; ugly graphics can have charm (the arcade classic Venture is, oddly enough, an aesthetic delight), but ugly gameplay?  Never.
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