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@Getz: Step 1: Install both discs to your HDD

have you tried this? like ever?

you still need the disk

either that or you might have a short attention span and decided to stop after step one

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@DCFGS3 said:
 The problem is that this won't happen today, or even tomorrow. Why? because outside of American and European cities, wifi coverage disappears. For example such a device could not be sold in Australia, we simply don't have the infrastructure even in our major cities for the device to even operate. In smaller urban centres and the like you encounter similiar issues even in America and Europe. You could argue that we could simply use it in our homes, however that defeats the purpose of it being a portable. "
actually, the same can be said about NA 
outside the major metropolitan areas, broadband disappears as well
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wifi stability would be one major caveat
its fine for game save storage and progress though

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just an FYI and wasnt sure where to post this 
but jeff was a guest on This Week in Tech with Jeff Cannata and Veronica Belmont where they discuss this years E3 with host leo laporte 
its a fairly good listen 
apologies if theres already a thread up somewhere

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For me, its a tie between child of eden and dance central 
though, I'm still very much on the no side side of the fence of all the motion controls

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@one_2nd: still 
injuries in a sport where injuries are a common occurrence isn't anything to write home about
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meh.....I dont buy the cover athlete "curse" non sense
its more just a regression to the mean. 
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the gamestop at metrotown here in vancouver is having a midnight launch

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should prolly stop going there then