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just throwing this out there

 since Disney now owns marvel and all of its IP's, its logical to assume the publishing rights to the spiderman movies and everthing assiciated with it, including the rights to use the old spiderman font, would also be bought by disney.

 unless there is still an existing contract between sony and marval that disney chose to honor (which i dont see why they would) that says XX number of spiderman movies must be made, I dont think we will be seeing any more spiderman movies made by sony studios

 s this the explanation? probably not. but a theory nonetheless that could explain the rebranding

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there is a body in the morgue that is tagged as ras al gul.
come back to the morgue after you beat ivy and the body is gone

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are those prices finalized?

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2 since launch , a 20 and a 60
one of which, the 20, died of hardware failure which was odd  because that one was the least used

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i dont like carrying more than one device unless absolutely necessary.
so far, my iphone is doing a pretty good job of that

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no, i would just get one for the living room in the basement and another for the bedroom

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i already have an iphone

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@MattyFTM said:
" August 11. "
isnt that for the firmware?

twitter and fb would be later in the year, dont remember where i read it, but it pegged october/november
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thats rather dissapointing

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speaking of which, does anyone know of a program, preferrably free, that catalogues your movie collection and can retrive movie info by entering the bar code?