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Matthew said:
  • People still and will want a physical medium for years to come.  No matter how popular/common it is to download, there will always be that group that wants something to put on a shelf.
  • As many of you have pointed out, we are years until the widespread bandwidth needed to download files the size of a movie are a suitable substitute for movie publishers.
  • Was it Toshiba who came out with the 400GB Blu Ray disk?  There is no real application for a disk that size.  Yet.  A little bit of future readiness there.
  • If and when those who don't have a HD set up convert, there is no real going back.  Wall-e, Dark Knight, Planet Earth, The Godfather, The Fifth Element.  While not the most popular titles, if you see the SD version, then the HD version, please don't say you don't see or hear a difference in quality.
  • Remember where you are posting.  We are posting on a gaming blog.  You may be downloading via iTunes, Torrents, or by some other purely digital means.  You might use RSS, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Windows 7, Closed Betas, etc.  Of course you're going to be ahead of the curve. 
not to mention the elephant in the room

DRM and copyright issues that no one has even come close to coming up with an amicable solution to for both the movie studio and the consumer
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way to keep that community spirit guys

*thumbs up*

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I have always thought, why not take questions from the forums?

why let emails get all the glory?

so post away and hopefully your questions will get answered on air

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jeff has to play Too Hot when rich comes on

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i wish they would expand their topics for discussion beyond news

its what i love most about the 1up yours podcast

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a box labeled not porn

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somehow not seeing that investing in their owns studios will benefit them in the long run rather than using that money to buy exclusives

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and its starting to act up again

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Fr0Br0 said:
"Thanks a lot guys. This helps.

And I have another question. Should I download the packs it says to download? Are both of them worth the money?

see how you do with the game first, who knows, you may not even like it