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Anyone know a fix to the bloodwing glitch in the Wilderness Preserve? After weakening him the audio started looping. When I restarted the door to the observatory was locked. I've seen the same problem posted on the Gearbox forums with no response.

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I didn't intend for this thread to be callous, but I guess I am a pretty mean-spirited asshole. In any event, I think the twitter/facebook comments on this event and shootings in general, as well as the fact that youtube videos of this event are linked to GTA and midtown madness videos might be the basis for fresh satire in GTA or any other series interested in social commentary.

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The man in white was not carrying an ID, but Rockstar's marketing department might want to conduct a roll call.

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Anyone else see the final fantasy poster? I think it was in the port level but I can't remember. It was a picture of an anime character with her head blocking the title so it just said "final... ntasy". I guess it doesn't matter since they're both square IP.
Any other easter eggs in this game? Post 'em here.

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The headline of this piece could have been Immersive v. Emergent. I think we'd be hard pressed to find a title that includes both qualities. Maybe the Stalker series?
But my favorite part of this piece was your usage of "Jermaine".

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Who eats pizza in the morning?

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@Gnorbooth: The United States occupied Japan until 1952 and there are Marines stationed in Okinawa to this day.
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You get a trophy/achievement for not losing  your hat in a fight.