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This should be interesting, at least. I know that I, and seemingly many other PC gamers, are fully tied into steam at this point. I can only speak for myself, but there's no way I'm buying it on any service that I can't activate it on steam. I think people will actually be more able to 'protest' purchasing this game on origin than something like the infamous MW2 boycott.

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I didn't know it was open source! D: Definitely looking at this tonight.

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Heavy Rain and not Bayonetta?!  What is wrong with you people!?

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 Homebrew isn't piracy, dawg.  Also, Selena Gomez is over 18, btw. 

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Well, I won't defend that weird, creepy Selena Gomez niche that's developed in gaf. 

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It's not like you're submitting a resume filled with personal info that they then use to decide whether you are worthy or not.  You sign up for an account like any other forum, then they activate accounts every now and then.  The only requirement is that you can't have a free email account, which helps prevent spam.  And what is all this secrecy bullshit you're talking about?  Anyone can go on the forums and read everything posted.
Stop being such babies.

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You guys know minecraft is only in beta, right?

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Mia and Jordana Brewster