Naked Cartoon Podcast: Episode 2


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 Here it is! In this episode, talk about E3 predictions, American Gladiator, and Metal Gear Solid!
Sorry that it is so late. This was recorded on Saturday. Unfortunately, VinceNotVance is currently going on hiatus from his Giant Bomb account and will hopefully be back in a month. In the meantime, I did hosting duties. In Vince's place is GB member Sleepy_Insomniac  who is also the top contributor to the Deadly Premonition wiki page. Hopefully you enjoy our newest episode by AjayRaz, me, Apathylad, and Sleepy_Insomniac!  Thanks for listening!
Also, here are the show notes for this episode.

My First Day With Super Street Fighter IV.


I suck at it. Hard.

Now that I got that out of the way I just wanted to say that despite being a total noob to not only the Street Fighter franchise, but to 2D fighting games altogether I fucking love this game. It feels so satisfying playing with fellow Giant Bombers like Symphony, jlrm01, Sleepy Insomniac, Xeiphyer, and Sidescroller while having fun and improving my game. They all convinced me that this game would be awesome and they were far.

My main fighter is Ken, but he’s a temporary until I can get used to the controls and general feel of the game. It was so hard trying to get where I am right now even though I still suck. I couldn’t Hadoken properly for the first 2 hours of online play until I figured out how to stop pressing punch at the same time as the Down Forward motion. Shoryuken was a bitch to learn until I realized I was doing it wrong. I kept pressing forward down instead of forward down forward. So yeah I’m getting the hang of it. I still cannot comprehend the complex combos or the ultra combos or the super combos. You have no idea how great it felt when I could properly Shoryuken. It was like taking my first baby steps. Hell, I even made Symphony proud.

The character that became the bane of my existence thus far? Ibuki.



I can’t follow her moves AT ALL. I don’t know how to counter that multiple neck snap or her million kunai throws. I can feel the doom spreading all over my face when the opponent selects her. I can handle other characters fine, but if I face her it’s almost a guaranteed perfect KO against me. I feel so lost fighting her. WAHHHHH

Anyway, this game is still awesome. I lose almost every game but I feel like I’m inching closer. The feeling you get when you realize “Hey, I just figured out a way to possibly win!” It feels good to know you improved at the end of the day. You understand don’t you? Don’t you!?

Anywho, Super Street Fighter IV is fun as hell. Buy it.  
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