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Didn't Alan Wake put an eye patch on your character if you pirated it?

I haven't heard of this one, so I did a bit of research, and turns out they did. (source)

Own it on 360 and PC, but I may just pirate it now to have that model. Unless theres an unlock or cheat to put it in

It's one of my favourite games of all time, why would they have something as funny/cool as that just for pirates?! Or does the game additionally not work, too?

The game worked fine except for the eye-patch thing. I didn't pirate it, no, but the story made the rounds.

They were criticized for giving pirates what people saw as 'bonus content', but I thought it was funny and did no real harm. No one is going to download Alan Wake and maybe get drafted into a fat botnet via a dodgy crack just to wear an eyepatch in a game they otherwise were going to purchase. At least, I hope not.

Woulda been cool if the eyepatch was just lying around in the game and you could pick it up and put it on, but eh.

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Dan Hibiki, this sort of shit is why you're a joke character.

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This is a really weird structure for a news article. Like Patrick kept interrupting himself while he was trying to write.

Just trying some stuff out. I really like the approach Vox has taken with some of its stories -- finding a way to communicate everything really early, and then trying to contextualize extraneous information using headers that prepare the reader for the information that's ahead.

I enjoyed the structure but in future, I'd like a picture of Alex Navarro (with his best, put-off look) next to the questions--regardless of whether he actually contributed any content to the article.

While reading the article, I automatically imagined Alex's voice asking the questions and it made me smile.

No, there should be portraits of whoever is 'speaking' which reflect the tone. Basically it should be that old True Meaning Of Life website except with Giant Bomb personalities.

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I bought Starsiege: Tribes because it had great box art. There was a panorama that folded out from the front of the box that claimed to be a giant screenshot. People were flying everywhere out in the open, firing discs, doing TRIBES stuff.

Like this:

The actual game was everything it claimed to be.

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I once modified a pair of led hardware glasses into a wii lightbar to do the wii version of that VR head tracking exercise. It was cool, but it's way more impressive when you record the effect than when you witness it. Recordings have zero depth perception, and human vision has some amount of depth perception even with only one eye open. If you have a wiimote and your computer has bluetooth capability, you can do this by taping a wii lightbar to the bill of a baseball cap.

[1/3] Also: multipart twitter messages are dumb.

[2/3] Twitter is a wasteland and watching someone try to form a thought or an argument there in multiple parts is like watching a straightjacketed lunatic run into the wall of his cell over and over.

[3/3] balls

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Generally I like Forbes' gaming coverage, since it is somewhat disconnected from the execrable "games journalism" hivemind and doesn't rely on incestuous ad-buying relationships with major publishers.

The downside is that attitude occasionally produces stuff like this article, which was dumb. I assume it was dumb, because I couldn't make it past the headline and the Thucydides quote either.

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Spec Ops: The Line has a few different endings and they're all pretty good, but especially "Welcome to Dubai". The entirety of act 3 is the strongest by far. I recommend playing the game on easy, since it's definitely mediocre.

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The Great White Shark. They've already conquered the ocean. Dry land is their only remaining frontier. Carcharodon Sapiens will rule the world.


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@aceofspudz: Devil's advocate. If we remove SWAT teams, how will we deal with the things police aren't properly equipped for?

I'm not against police having rifles, shotguns, and body armor in the trunks of their vehicles, or being trained in their use in the event they meet a similarly armed adversary. Let's be honest--this almost never happens. An urban warfare unit with a 'breach and clear' mentality isn't necessary or wise. It's thuggish behavior and they've demonstrated that again and again. If you all want to learn more about the infuriating history of the misbehavior of SWAT teams (really, it will make you angry) I could recommend this book.

The police should not be militarized. This is a foundational concept of our nation and 'swatting' is just one of those little warnings we are receiving about what a bad idea it is.