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GT: acerek

TZ: Mountain

Trials Fusion, AC4, DR3, a few other games. I really want some new people to play and compete against.

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Not sure how I feel about it. After playing for about 45 minutes, I had to stop because it just looks bad to me. Everything looks fuzzy; in the last games, if this was an issue you could turn texture detail to native to fix it, but I don't see the option in this game.

Plus I'm having an issue where the textures are constantly popping in and out of existence for attachments and props on the map.

I hope I find a way to fix these issues soon.

Edit: Fixed the blurriness by changing AA to MSAA x4, but the texture flashing is still ongoing.

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Origin ID: acerekpz

I do not have any preferred server right now. I'm fairly new to the SimCity games and would like to learn how to play well if anyone would like to have me play with them.

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Now we just need mod tools so the PC version's UI will actually be good with a keyboard and mouse.

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24 days is just too long