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I'm hoping this is a brief dark period for the RB franchise before announcing RB4 on next-gen systems with full import from previous games.

Hell, over the last few years I've turned more than a few people on to the game that wanted it so badly, but werent able to find any instruments or old RB games to export to RB3 in Canada. Now I'm stuck lugging my game and full band set with 600+ DLC songs around to parties every month or so.

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That was a song specifically made for the game, was it not? I'm rather sure the music files are stored with the game install.
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That's... kind of interesting actually. Little strange as a preorder. It would make a little more sense if he gave you an exclusive quest.
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It'd be much more fair by allowing the first... even 5 or ten posters to get it.
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As long as there's some new stuff added, sure, why not?
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If I wasn't already looking foreward to this on PC, I may be excited. Good that PS3 owners get to play it though.
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I don't really have anything to input on it, I just wanted to say thanks for compiling this. It was very interesting, sir!
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Boys & girls, I want to know what you've done wrong. The craziest, stupidest thing you've ever done and why. Gimme. Don't admit to anything that'd get you arrested, but other than that...
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Which would make more sense if: 
A. It was possible to find anything with one page loading for every twenty I try. 
B. I knew who that was at all. 
C. The clue to the bloody quest would load at all. It just sits and loads no matter what I do. 
D. There weren't false hints everywhere.
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I wouldn't say BETTER coverage. Moreso incessant , nonstop, ejaculatory coverage.
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