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I'm dumbstruck by this news. I love these guys like my best friends, to hear that Ryan passed is just so damn painful. I haven't cried somehow, but boy am I depressed. It feels surreal. I'm not saying anything new that hasn't been repeated thousands of times in this thread alone, just wanted to write that this man has been a huge part of my life, despite me never meeting him.

Ryan, you rocked harder and laughed louder than I ever could. You'll live on in the video and bombcast archive, but that's a cold comfort. You were a pal when I had none... (damn it, now I am crying). Thanks for everything Ryan.

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I had a Kickstarter thing back in November. While it was successful, I wish that I had a chance to ride this recent money wave.

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Would like to see this as well. Thinking of buying it for the 360 and want to see it in action. It'd be cool if they had a PIP of Vinny rocking out in the corner.

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@VictoryBlixt: Well, then you're playing the game fairly well. You can always check the wiki or in this community for hot tips and discussions on what to do next.

I never saw that bobblehead that you mentioned, and I was a Morrowind Addict. I'm okay with that, since I had a cool experience of my own. I also never played Dark Brotherhood in Oblivion, but I'm cool with that as well. I did my own thing and played my own role. These games are a vast setting to hang out in and explore and form your own stories and adventures with. They are also pretty much designed to be a completionists worst nightmare.

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The term for what you're expecting is a quicksand box. There's too much to do and keep track of, so some people either do nothing in particular or stick to the main plot for some sense of order. It's a TES game, so you really don't have to do anything. Just immerse yourself in this strange world and go with the flow... and for your own sake, never play Daggerfall.

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@pornstorestiffi: Ryan completely killed it in that video. Patrick was tutorializing him a bit, so much of the initial pain wasn't there. By the end is seemed like he genuinely enjoyed the experience, perhaps because he was kicking so much ass.

This game should have been the next ER. Like the others, it's a crazy niche Japanese game with a cult following and most importantly, the experience is just painful enough that it requires endurance to make it through. The whole "will they quit?" factor is what makes an ER different from a Let's Play.

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@Adamsons said:

@FancySoapsMan said:
I played a Dunmer in Morrowind and Oblivion. I've tried a few other races but Dark Elves have always been my favorites.
Yep, this all over.

Same. Have been choosing to play as a male dark elf named Acheron since Morrowind first came out. Does this make me a racist?

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I pay because I can imagine a world without GB. That world sucks.

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No Diablo in there?

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Favorite moment, lampshading Yu's personality:

Yu: Something bit me.

Chie: It... it left teeth marks, are you okay?

Yu: It's making me cry.

Chie: No, it isn't.

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