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Best hrror game possibly? 0

 This game has been worked on for over 6 years now (a long development cycle by anyone's standards), but every time it's shown it looks as fresh and crisp as the last time. The game plays out like a horror novel in which the Steven King like protagonist's newest work is coming to life before his eyes. One of the cool features is the game is all narrated by the protagonist, which will add even more of a horror novel feel to the game. Another is the use of light, I've heard this compared to...

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destruction,jetpacks and more!!! 0

 This game is great in many ways for not only is itr a free roam with great weapons and gadets but the story takes place on MARS!!!!!!! This game had many great feayures lets start with the grapics they are fantastic for it really looks like mars if it were to be colonized. The challenge is good for some parts are hard while others are very easy. The controls are great except with using a jetpack then they get real touchy. The interface was fantastic in all ways. The sound is very nice f...

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White hooded dude 0

 Assassins creed is one of my favorite games of all time!  GAMEPLAY: The gameplay is a fantastic blend of swordplay. stealth and free running. Although the gameplay experience does at some point feels a little repetetive but that shouldn't bother you to much. The gameplay revolves around those three basic mechanics (swordplay, free running, stealth) and packs them into an assassination mission. The games free-roaming enviroment's are packed with pedestrians, merchants and guards. Basicall...

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Left 4 Dead 2 needs more 0

 With the first Left 4 Dead, I honestly felt as if I were part of the apocalypse. The color scheme was dark and dreary, the characters acted as if they were afraid of the zombies, rather than mocking them, and it was fairly difficult. Left4Dead2 was a let down, and it introduced the defibrillator, which I find to make the game much easier, which is not what a game should be. Though most of the dialogue is humorous, it takes away from the horror aspect of the game. It didn't help that ...

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Dead to Rights is ok to rent 0

  I played this over at my friends house Dead to Rights: Retribution isn’t the most refined shooter out there. The story is mediocre and it can be rather ugly at times, but if you don’t take it too seriously, the gameplay is fun while it lasts.. It definitley reminds me of a trashy movie where you feel guilty but yet you have fun playing it at times. I would rent this game and wait for better games that are coming out....

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Splinter Cell Veteran 0

I consider myself a Splinter Cell veteran. This game is simply amazing. I love the interrogation because it adds to the suspense As for the markers used to assassinate your opponent they are sweet but it seems too easy/ I can understand to have it on the lower difficulty levels but not realistic because realistic makes things more challenging. And the sonar goggles are a little overboard making it so that even the most rookie of players able to take down a room full of armored enemies with a...

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Great Game 0

Spy Fiction is a game that will play most favorably to players who are willing to accept its adherence to stealth conventions.  August 30, 2004 - The traditional spy games that have been on the market have favored stealth over gunfights. While this is more realistic, it aims to provide a game that has more action than hiding around in shadows. Instead of shooting light bulbs like in Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, gamers can get some more fistfights and gun battles. It's an interesting e...

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