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I'm up for it!

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So I'm a 28 Hunter, have done the raid a couple of times, and have a decent amount of exotics and legendaries. I've enjoyed the game for the most part, but the grind is getting to me. For me to get to 29 I need a stupid amount of materials and if I want to get to 30 I need a full set of raid gear and the proper materials to level that stuff up. All of this has kind of burned me out. I thought about starting a new class to get the associated trophies, but man, I just don't know. Anyone else getting burned out? I feel like I'm close to the ceiling but can't deal with the grind anymore to reach it.

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If you guys watch the Gametrailers review you can see a prominent Jeff Gerstmann avatar.

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I went black and never came back.

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The shard thing really pisses me off. Actually this whole game pisses me off. Yet......I keep playing it. This game is basically an abusive relationship. I keep coming back and coming back wishing I didn't each and every time. sigh

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This is literally the only game I want a XboxOne for. The first one was magical.

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What kind of person throws a party with no booze?

There will be booze, but in a limited quantity. A lot of people plan on going so whatever beer is at this house party would be consumed in mere minutes.

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So I'm going to a party this upcoming Saturday and it is BYOB. And I'm not entirely sure on what I should bring as I'm not much of a beer drinker. I know I want to drink at the party and get somewhat inebriated, but am unsure on what the best alcohol for the job could be. Could you duders help me out? What would you recommend?

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I sniff my fingers whenever I scratch my inner ear canal, scratch my inner crotch or scratch my butthole.