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Hey everyone. I'd like to mine it up with some of you duders on the PS4 version of Minecraft. Mics are a plus!


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Bungie is clearly a MMO lite at least. The talk about end game raids etc. Also, there's dancing in the town(s), so that's a definite proof of a game being a MMO!

Only if the dancing takes place on top of a mailbox.

You can also dance in competitive multiplayer!

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In the tenth paragraph an I needs to be capitalized. Other then that a great write up.

"Maybe they were pieces of shit all along and i just never realized it."

Also: #fuckarvo2014

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I really hope your choice of the phrase "jumping in" is accidental.

Already owning a PS4, I have no desire to pick up an Xbox in the next few years. Once the price has come way down I'll consider it, but it is still unlikely.

Nope. Not accidental at all.

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So Microsoft just announced a deal where if you buy an XboxOne between the 7th and 13th of September you'll get a free retail game. I'm curious on what you duders feel about this. Enough for you to take the plunge? Are you upset for being an early adopter? Will there probably be an even better deal for Black Friday? Either way I do appreciate how aggressive Microsoft is being about selling there system now as I've been on the fence for awhile and it only seems to be getting better the more I wait.

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Wolfenstein: New Order

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I feel we should have a guaranteed Demo Derby and MGS a week as premium. Those would then lead into UPF which would total 3 premium pieces of content. But then again there are only so many demos and Metal Gear games.

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Mainly the F1 podcast because I have no idea what F1 is.

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I've been watitng for a podcast like you, to come into my life.

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So the watitng begins.........