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i think everyone just forgets that MOST of the terrible people are like 12-16

for real i forget that theres kids all over this 'net all the time, crazed teens

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I was just watching parks and rec today, I know Ryan was a fan, I think this quote can apply to the site as a whole.

"Andy, this is a very important moment for you. How we deal with tragedy defines who we are. I used to be terrible at it. Beyond terrible. You are not going to let this deflate you. You are going to pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and we will figure out what the next step is."

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After the shock of this wore off, the feeling that sunk in was this:

I'm not going to know what Ryan Davis thinks about any other movies, video games, or tv ever again. He had a way of putting things that was so perfect, the feeling of hearing what he thinks and that crystallizing your own vague thoughts because of his way with words.

edit: it sounds maybe shallow to say i'm going to miss his views about pop culture, but I just really am.

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remember how bummed everyone was when their last album came out

but then super stoked when the live album and tron soundtrack came out

what 2 feel

e: lol this thread, i hate talking about music b/c it seems impossible not to sound like a total fuck

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man there's some tough maps on here, maybe i'm just not used to stadium idk, i couldn't finish 4 in a row

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the only thing that is bumming me out about the game is yeah how expensive everything is, I'm used to the league of legends model which is super reasonable

they should charge less for heroes and just more skins to buy, not being able to even use mastery points because I can't afford any heroes I want makes it feel like I'm being punished for not paying money

e: and yeah, healers seem overpowered especially in the team deathmatch map, and since there's only one hero that can heal right now (who is also the most expensive) it's like "oh you don't have a guy on your team that shelled out money for glowgob? haha well have fun"

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don't listen to these chumps random all day every day

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would it be good or bad if they did microtransactions for cute custom couriers

it is sad to think i would shell out bux for that cute badger, but look at 'im

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the only giftable ones left are the ones that are coming from the playdota forum contest, i won a beta key and it came with three

they're giving away like 60 (so 180) every day

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but there was already a tournament option in custom games for that reason