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I'm new to dota and I've totally been going all random. Raked over the hottest of coals.

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Seems like normal updates will just be delayed by a week with the test build, whatever. Maybe it means valve wants to turn this beta into a "beta", open it up wider.

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i got the thing i wanted but it's not exactly how i wanted or something???

im real mad!!

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holy shit why does everyone hate patrick klepek

i am almost certain hes great

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he was good on plastic beach

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lou reed sounds so old these days

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heck i think he did surprisingly well for a first time

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if you're mostly going to be playing in brighter rooms, go normal ass lcd (Samsung, Sony, Sharp, LG, Toshiba, Vizio)

dark room (and you really care about black levels) plasma (Panasonic, Samsung)

LED backlit screens are still pretty expensive for what they are (i think??), don't sweat the details too much it's hard to fuck up too much these days.

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@GetEveryone said:

Goosebumbps - Escape from Horrorland. I genuinely can't think of something more perfect fo you guys to do.

holy shiiiiit

i loved that game nostalgia rush ahhh inject the nostalgia into my retina

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i would honestly get the cheapest pair you can find, chances are you're going to try it one time and then they'll sit lonesome in their case forever