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are you saying you didnt like boy meets world

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y'know i never ever got far in bg2, i had no idea what to do once i got past that first part

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since the temple of elemental evil isnt winning i might actually just go buy it

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well you see it's actually pronounced "jigaboo"

example in normal conversation: "man i downloaded like twenty jigaboos of nine inch nail bootlegs"

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@FlamingHobo said:

@Daiphyer said:
I would love it if they did a LoL and a DOTA TNT. That would fantastic.
I've not actually played the original DOTA. How does it compare?

depending on who you ask, DoTA is either more "hardcore" that league of legends, or antiquated as shit

denying what the fuuuck

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oh man sweet

i thought maybe they'd do it when dominion or something new comes out but weeee

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i wonder if dave's gonna be in on this quicklook :3

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reason: it's on steam and my friends are playing it too

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this game is for chumps like me who like the concept or roguelikes but dont want to look at ascii graphics so have never tried

i'm sorry roguelike fans

(its fun)

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Also anyone that hasn't played a dota game before should totally try out league of legends, they seem to have a pretty good focus on accessibility and oh god does that genre ever hook you