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@Snapstacle said:
" League of Legends! Free-to-play, low PC requirements, tons of players. There's nothing more perfect. "
yo seconding this 
it's pretty popular ....ya!
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i love this, please keep doing this 
i'm sorry that i love this so much

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im hungry, tofford 

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but dick van dyke is so angelic  
bright blue eyes of a cockney siren

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school is literally the answer to the question "what the heck are netbooks for" 
it's cheap+you can type letters on it  

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i am depressed 
it's cloudy out 

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sometimes i just dip into psx jrpg back catalog  
and then i get some snacks 
and i am like 
and then i play for a few hours  
and i am like  

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for some reason I had mad consumer lust for a netbook a while back 
for the life of me i just don't know why 

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element of surprise  
*staring off into space, thinking about the choices i've made in my life to bring me here, reading text written by a real life dwight schrute*