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raise your hands high if you can see both sides of the gun control issue blap blap

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everybody look at this pup

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u goofy pup

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i love sore whinos 

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i cant help but chat 
constant chats

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hey guys i just got those whole lo-fi surf music thing weird it just clicked just now guess i gotta suicide

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This rules,   Michael Abrash's GDC keynote circa 1996 
 Main article


Pretty good glimpse into that era of technology, there's also two video clips linked inside the article for a couple times he's drawing or showing gameplay. 
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@KillerBears: higher base of people completely new to dota games via steam, dogg 
HoN and DoTA especially have been boiled down to a hardcore niche crowd  
it's like the people that still play CS 1.6
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from all we know so far, it is going to be just a very updated very polished version of DoTA using the source engine 
and i think HoN and LoL accrued so many assholes because they had to be sought out, people were looking for their weird niche-ass genre to own scrubs in.
what I'm trying to say is that dota 2 will hopefully have a better community by default because of steam/valve already having that huge customer base of people who hopefully have not even played a MOBA or whatever-the-fuck