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" ill get into it if the tutorial is good.  im hyped. "

  "Second, interactive guides will allow players to do more than just read a guide for their favorite hero that has been deemed helpful by the community at large. Valve plans to allow guide-makers to tie their work back into the game by doing things like highlighting suggested item purchases or displaying useful information during a match." 
i think having those beyond just a basic tutorial helps solves the problems of barrier to entry for games like this (games with a complex metagame like street fighter and starcraft)
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a little disappointed 
I'm a huge valve fan, and just now getting into DoTA games (LoL, HoN) and i was like "daaaaamn a dota game with a valve twist" but nope just dota  
just straight dota 
oh well i'll still play that shit 
eeedit: is this game officially "defense of the ancients 2" or just "dota 2", because all I remember them trademarking was "dota"

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sometimes when you are moderating the forum do you look at your hands and realize they are covered in like a black substance and the begin praying 
just like "oh god no, jesus no, sorry i'm so sorry"  
(this happens to me all the time??)

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ah well you could always use more money WHATEVER

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i always assumed it was like y'know a chat forum 
but there doesn't seem to be any solid sense of community to back this up?? 
 there are no strong forum personalities everybody is a samey mishmash     

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@FluxWaveZ said:
" No. "
man you just don't have enough money 
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i'm pointing you towards this giant list of never installed steam games

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get hammered whenever possible