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Here are Some that I made today. This is a super fun character creator because it's completely freeform within a very precise space. Makes you think.

Ryan Davis, because of course Ryan Davis.
No Face, from Princess Mononoke
A black Cards Against Humanity card...
... And a white one!
A box of Mac n Cheese... because why not.
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This stuff is getting worse and worse.

As much as the "buddy club" in indie development bothers me at times, at least I can empathize with that kind of thing, because it's easy to see how it can happen without meaning to. This stuff though? This is straight up, cold blooded, blatantly anti-consumer marketing.

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oh heck yes. E3 made me a huge Alexa fan. Here's to hoping she get's some Giant Bomb action!

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As much as I usually scowl at HD rerelease, this seems absolutely incredible. If yo haven't watched the 1st person trailer on IGN, go do that. Holy cow...

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GWG games are both games I've always been interested in playing, but never enough to cough up actual money for them. Works for me!

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As mildly bummed as I am about this, since I only own a 360, this seems like what should be happening now. Some games like Destiny came out just fine on old consoles (As did Fantasia: Music Evolved, by the way. You all need to play that thing!) but, a year into the new consoles life cycle, it's time to focus on those platforms and let the old consoles go.

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And I very much hope that he never sees this game get up on Steam.

People need to learn that just because it's the internet and you don't have to look someone in the face when you disparage them, THAT BEHAVIOR IS NOT OK and will not be put up with.

Based on his tweets after this, he still hasn't quite learned the lesson. All of this is a result of his actions and behavior. Until he owns that, or shows signs of at least trying, this is all on him and him alone.

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This game has been out for years, and I JUST made the Iron Brigade / Steel Battalion connection.

Just had to share my ridiculously late arrival to the party. Darn you Brad Muir!

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I already commented my support, but I have something I want to add to that.

I really appreciate the write up, but for me, it wasn't necessary. I was not surprised by what Jeff had written, and actually would have been surprised if it had said anything different. Because the thing you do, beyond your great content and site structure and experience, you guys at Giant Bomb are so good about presenting yourself authentically through what you do.

After years of video, podcasts, articles, and live shows, I, and I suspect most of the GB community, feel a genuine familiarity with each of your personalities. We know the types of games each of you like, sure, but we've also grown to know each of your preferences for music, movies, foods (oh, god, the foods you all eat), childhood experiences, life events, and general opinions on nearly every topic there is. That doesn't make any of you personal friends with us, but it allows us insight into your character, and form a very real, if one-way, relationship.

This allows us to trust you guys when things get weird. When someone gets upset that you just hired two more white guys, I'm not worried because i trust that you guys make your decisions for good reasons. When someone cries out over the way Patrick words something in an article, I may see where they are coming from, but I can infer what Patrick really means, and trust that everything is ok. When Jeff doesn't hang a billboard with his opinion on an issue, I don't have to worry that he's "one of the bad guys", because he has time and time again demonstrated the kind of person he is, and I don't need precise expressions of his every thought to know that he's a decent human being, and whatever his thoughts may be, they are reasonable and sound. And the same goes for Brad and Drew and Vinny and everyone else. Perhaps even more than the games you cover, this is the reason give you guys my money, and why I've been a part of your community for over 5 years.

I wish more places on the internet fostered such trust among their communities, beyond gaming. It's so easy to suspect, misinterpret, or mislead others online when we have no sense of personal connection with them. I feel that that issue is really at the root of all the ugliness we've seen in the last 2 months. But Giant Bomb is different. And I thank you for it.

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This are why you duders are the best in this business.

I have so much respect for each and every one of you, from Patrick to Dan (yes, even you Dan!), in how you've handled yourselves individually and as a site through all of this garbage. I hope we can all get through this. I really do. And with as many of the awesome and unique voices that have stayed with the industry through this. Wishing the best for everyone who's been hurt by all of this, on either side.