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Cool read, Patrick. Would love to see more of this kind of thing.

I haven't played the game myself, mostly because it's been received so tepidly. But from what I have seen and read, I probably would have done the same as you, for the same reason. A lot of games throw in player choice just because they can, but since I tend to role-play the characters based on how they have acted throughout, it doesn't seem much to me like a player choice.

A great example of player choice in an action game is Dishonored. At the end of my first play through, I had let everyone live but Havelock at the end. I "let" Corvo take him out, because I felt he had earned that kill, after sparing everyone else. It was really interesting that the game just kind of went with it, instead of forcing me down an all-or-nothing path.

I'd like to see that kind of choice show up more in games.

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July 3 will always be Tuesday to me. Hey everybody.

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So did you do it?

It seems weird if you think about it literally, as Ryan's name tattooed on your forever. But if it truly means more to you than that, and Ryan's life genuinely impacted yours in a significant way, I think this is actually a really cool thing to do. It's just about remembering Ryan. It's acknowledging the course your life took because of the impact Ryan had on you, and symbolizing the importance of what that means to you.

People get way worse tattoos all the time.

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I love your reporting, Patrick. I was finding myself getting frustrated at many earlier articles about this, that just seemed to simply be rushing to the emotional corner of the Threes guys, because they're the indies "doing it right" (looking at you, Polygon). I cannot tell you how much I appreciated you spending the first half of this talking to the OTHER creators about their actual intentions and motivations, specifically Cirulli, rather than just grabbing your pitchfork and joining the horde.

And for then specifically and intentionally showing and explaining why what Ketchapp is doing is different and more damaging compared to the 1024 and browser 2048 games. When I downloaded the 2048 app, I didn't realize it was different from the browser version (talk about a clone amirite?). I now regret giving them ad revenue. I've also bought Threes as a result.

It's especially admirable that you did this so evenly and objectively, since you work in close proximity with Wohlwend.

Great article, man. This is why I love GB the best!

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I blame the Buckfast. And Kessler.

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Just wanted to pop in and say that this is a great app. When the API stuff went crazy at the end of the year and screwed up the video orders, I ended up watching a ton of super early content that I otherwise would never have looked for, let alone watched. Even when it breaks, it's great having all of GB video content present and easily accessible.

I also love downloading the videos to my iPad for long boring train rides.

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@shadowconqueror: Awesome I'll check it out!

Thanks for the feedback guys! I actually had kind of glazed over the Wii... that might be worth looking into... they're pretty cheap these days.

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****Hey guys! I actually just emailed this question to the Bobmcast to see what the guys might say, but I figured I'd ask the community too because, hey there are a lot more of us. Thanks in advance!****

Hey there! I have a question to ask, but it requires just a bit of explanation.

My girlfriend and I currently live about 100 miles apart. We've been doing the usual text/skype routine, but are looking for other ways to virtually spend time together. My first thought: VIDEOGAMES!

No, not Second Life.

We play a few mobile games, but we're looking for something we can voice or text chat while playing. My girlfriend doesn't really play games, but has nothing against them and is interested in seeing what we can find.

Sounds great, right? But there's one more thing! My girlfriend doesn't have a left arm below her elbow (no, there's no crazy bear/shark/katana story behind this, she was simply born without it). This, as you can imagine, complicates matters a bit.

Console games are more or less ruled out, though we are planning to play Brothers together at some point, me on the left stick, her on the right. PC games are primarily what we are looking at, specifically mouse-centric or simpler strategy games (Civ would probably be too much for her to take in right now). She's actually pretty fast on a keyboard, but things like shift clicks and alt-drags pose some difficulties because of that whole no-left-hand thing.

My question then, is what might you all suggest as possible games for us to play? I'm a little clueless since I myself have just recently taken my first steps into PC gaming, after 23 years of nothing but consoles. Any game suggestions you can think of that we could play together online, or as some Macgyvered co-op like Brothers, would be super rad and greatly appreciated.


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If EA and Maxis had released the game under the title "Sim Cities", stressed the multiplayer ideology honestly and from the start, and maybe lowered the price a little (and production values to match of course), this game would have probably been received just fine, conceptually.

But until Sim City let's us each build a ONE giant metropolis (you know, like the singular phrase "sim city" implies), this is not the game I'm looking for.

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