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How could I not join in on this?

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Great job! I'm really really looking forward to this round 4 of this series!

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I just picked this up on sale from the Humble Store. I played a bit of Returns, and thought it was interesting but didn't stick with it long enough to form a real opinion about it. Just played the opening mission tonight, and I'm really liking what I'm seeing.

I am realizing that I need to use my brain a little bit. I died like 3 times. Haven't played very many games like this so it's new to me, but I had a lot of fun and the story set up is pretty good and very well written. Looking forward to seeing more.

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@radleyduder: Agree 100%. Understanding now that it's actually a 6 fret guitar, I actually think the controller design the gameplay result is really fantastic. Actually playing guitar myself, the second row will absolutely help make it "feel" more like guitar playing (as much as hitting a plastic button can come to fretting strings).

But I am not into the FMV thing, for the reasons you said. I loved the customization of my characters, or even just the option to choose them from a set roster. And unless the FMV is only for some of the songs, I can see it definitely limiting the amount of content they can provide.

Hopefully it works out, because I am genuinely impressed by the controller redesign, and want it to succeed for that reason alone. But i dunno...

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I know we all hated Sim CIty and Sims 4 was pretty lacking, but... man. Times are changin'. Good luck to any and all who are out of a job now.

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Without some method of providing haptic feedback in place even conceptually, I'm not climbing aboard the VR Train of the Future.

Also I don't have depth perception, which leaves me out of most 3D tech anyways, so as cool as this stuff is, it's going to be a real bummer if this stuff ever becomes the standard.

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Giant Bomb is the freakin best.

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Here are Some that I made today. This is a super fun character creator because it's completely freeform within a very precise space. Makes you think.

Ryan Davis, because of course Ryan Davis.
No Face, from Spirited Away
A black Cards Against Humanity card...
... And a white one!
A box of Mac n Cheese... because why not.
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This stuff is getting worse and worse.

As much as the "buddy club" in indie development bothers me at times, at least I can empathize with that kind of thing, because it's easy to see how it can happen without meaning to. This stuff though? This is straight up, cold blooded, blatantly anti-consumer marketing.

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oh heck yes. E3 made me a huge Alexa fan. Here's to hoping she get's some Giant Bomb action!