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Just go into this game recently, so I thought that I would share how I was finally able to defeat this boss after many frustrating failures.

The secret for me turned out to be using Aural Decoy as soon as I walked in. I cast it to the right, and this distracted the enemies enough for me to slip past to the left. I could then take out the dogs while they were focused on my decoy. After killing the dogs, circling the Demon and blocking his attacks did the trick for me.

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The New York Times: Where Gamers Go to Know

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Don't know if anyone else is still playing this game, but I would love to try a Horde run with some folks who won't bail after wave 20. Please hit me up if you're down.

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This is what I thought, but that question linked above made me wonder.

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Anyone else having trouble connecting? I've downloaded the client and created an account, but when I try to connect, it always times out. It's happened about 20 times over the last couple of hours.

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I really enjoy the Bioware style of RPG, and I'm also a big fan of Star Wars, which is why I got such a kick out of the KOTOR games. But I have no interest in playing an MMO, really of any kind. I've never wanted to pay a monthly fee, or have to rely so heavily on interacting with other people to play a game. Now I don't resent Bioware for making an MMO. They're entitled to make whatever game that they want. But I am disappointed that there won't be a proper, single-player KOTOR 3 in the foreseeable future. With the current platforms and all of the lessons they'd have learned from making Mass Effect and other games, KOTOR 3 could have really been something.

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I kept waiting for enough good reasons to go out and get a Wii. Ultimately, the games that I am interested in playing just aren't Wii games. Even after all of this time I'd have a lot of trouble naming 5 games throughout the life of the system that I'd want to play. Really, it's a case of me not being a member of the target market for the Wii.

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Both Max Payne games for $2.75? You'd be foolish not to...right?

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