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I have 10!

1. Wolfenstein


3. Hohokum

4. Jazzpunk

5. The Last of Us: Left Behind

6. Transistor

7. South Park: The Stick of Truth

8. Dark Souls 2


10. Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition

I thought it had been a bummer of a year so far but I could easily rattle off 10 games I feel super strongly about. Last year was the same way. Indie games picking up the slack of AAA games, always making sure I have something to play.

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People have already mentioned most of the obvious choices in this thread but I'll this one out there:

The Modern Warfare series. Say what you like about it, it has finality to it.

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I think FEAR is pretty much done, so is Max Payne, I would guess. I'm pretty sure No One Lives Forever is done too.

NOLF done? Say it isn't so Monolith. I want Kate Archer back.

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I always play as a woman called Dice. I'm building a giant meta-narrative whereby a somewhat cynical and exasperated high elf/monk/rogue lady travels across the universe fixing people's problems for fame and small change.

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A private company can't just do whatever it wants. They are immune to law? If abortion is illegal in a country I can't just open up a "private" clinic. If it's against the law it's against the law, and in this case Australia may have a law that would force Valve to offer refunds.

Okay, not really at all what I was saying there. A company can't break the law, sure. I can't open Josh's Murder Co. and go around killing people because it's a "private" business.

I'm just saying that when governments make specific laws that dictate the policies of a privately owned company, it can cross some sketchy lines. A business should be free to create their return policies as they see fit, just as consumers are free to not shop there if they don't like said policies.

Businesses wouldn't offer returns or refunds unless there was the threat of being taken to task for anti-consumer behaviour. I don't know what it's like for the US, but in Australia the ACCC exists to protect consumers in accordance with consumer law. In an age where businesses are getting increasingly powerful, I have no objection to consumer watchdogs taking firms to task for taking advantage of their powerful position. Valve needs a standardised return policy that doesn't involve "send us an email" or "make a bunch of noise of the forums." EA has out-performed Valve in this regard and the standard set by Origin should be considered the minimum sufficient.

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Whatever man, Eurogamer was already pretty solid and I prefer their sly references to English culture.

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@hailinel: It's kind of insane that this kind of destructive capability is accessible to complete idiots. Then again, if they were all sensible about the information they broadcast we wouldn't get the satisfaction of seeing them brought to justice I suppose.

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@hailinel: Wouldn't even a rudimentary understanding of how to orchestrate a ddos also result in you having some notion of what could happen if you don't cover your tracks? Strikes me that any hacker worth his/her salt wouldn't be stupid enough to broadcast the fact, but then again I'm not exactly up on what goes on within those communities.

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Well this went from dumb to fucking reprehensible pretty quickly didn't it?

What's the betting that they're targeting Sony because Sony's an easy target? I'd say Microsoft would be able to return the favour and then some.

Uh, Xbox Live is down too now. Microsoft doesn't have any techno-wizardry that these guys are afraid of.

I think he means that money is no object for MS, and they'll hunt the DDOSers down to the ends of the earth if they have to.

Correct. MS has the deep pockets to make life a living hell for this guy(s) whereas Sony would probably just be content with having their service back up.

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Well this went from dumb to fucking reprehensible pretty quickly didn't it?

What's the betting that they're targeting Sony because Sony's an easy target? I'd say Microsoft would be able to return the favour and then some. You have to marvel at these people when they garner a huge amount of shit from satisfied customers. Sony raised a paywall and launched a new console in between the 2011 hack and now, I think the majority of people with PS4's appreciate PS+ more than they did vanilla PSN back in 2011.