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You can do that under US employment law? Was he actually an employee or was he just a contractor who worked for them a bunch? Unless he was made redundant I don't see how you could terminate him without giving him an opportunity to respond, especially if it was for misconduct.

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Should? Sure. Will? No. Activision canned the franchise years ago.

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You're with Ezio every step of the way as he becomes a man and you see all the events that come to define the man he is. His character-arc is fantastic. He's also really well-voice-acted and written. Probably one the most likable characters in recent memory, especially in AAA games.

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He has an axe. He animates real good. He does that thing where he impales a guy with another guy's bayonet. He's not Altair.

He is marginally better than the game he stars in, which was one of the biggest disappointments of the last generation.

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No more WW2 shooters. Wolfenstein is okay because it's a weird alternate fiction take on WW2 but even then I question the necessity of it. I'm super okay with the idea of a AAA WW2 shooter being antiquated. We've moved on.

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You seem to think to highly of yourself dude. To these big companies you wanna write for you're unfortunately a noone, just like the other thousands of kids that want to write for them.

You've either gotta find your own little niche, or schtick or whatever, or, as you say, you've gotta know the right people. It sucks but it's the way of the world.

Kind of this. Admittedly I do agree with the other people in this thread that game journalism is super insular to the point where I sometimes feel there's some serious group-think going on, but in the end a truly original angle on games journalism will get you noticed. And, in the end, we already have an awful lot of people writing about games on the internet and only a fraction of them actually get paid for it. It's not a growth area, and even the death-knell that is youtube gaming channels to conventional games journalism is rapidly approaching the point of over-saturation.

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My housemate has repeatedly tried to get me into it but I don't see the appeal. MOBA games just don't grab me. I gave Super Monday Night Combat a shot but I'm not enough of a team player or communicator in games to be a meaningful asset to my team.

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I don't care about id games anymore. I don't think they know what a modern game is and what a modern game should be.

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The problem is I am kind of a loser and I play games. I may run 5 times a week, volunteer to teach kids in India and study law but I'm still an unemployed sod who prefers to play games over the weekend than go out for a drink with friends. By all conventional standards I fulfill that stereotype, and I probably wouldn't have it any other way. Sorry for letting the side down. Maybe in 30 years things will be different.

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I hated this game. Is this all PSN can give us? A 8 bit rehash?

Of all the arguments against this game, this is not the one to make.