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I'm no dream interpreter but I'd hazard a guess that a lot of us are thinking about Ryan right now.

The only times Ryan has invaded my dreams has been when I've left my iPod on. The combination of his voice and the headphones cable coiled around my head made me think he was strangling me.

There are probably worse things in the world than being strangled by Ryan Davis.

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Lots of negative reviews on a platform with a community that adores anything that lets you mug other players and pick up two bullets in a public toilet. Pretty fair indicator that's it's not all that hot.

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Seems like the Insomniac of 2004 went into hibernation for 10 years. This is exactly the kind of irreverent PR backstabbery that I expect from a company that made multiple games featuring a incompetent cross-dressing superhero.

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I like friends! Steam ID: impartialgecko

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The 3DS has some killer games on it. Three of my top ten games of last year were exclusive to that platform. However, the vita is a great piece of hardware and it basically does everything the 3DS does and more, I wouldn't trade it in for what is unquestionably inferior hardware. In my opinion, you should wait until you see a 3DS game that you absolutely have to play and then take the plunge. It's how I've decided to buy every console I've owned and its worked for me so far.

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Souls are your currency and XP all rolled into one. Dying will cause you to lose all your souls and will leave a bloodstain that you'll have to make your way back to in order to get them back. They are kind of a finite resource. You use them to level up, purchase and upgrade gear and buy items. Don't treat them like they're crazy valuable though, because that will lead to some stupid mistakes. You can spend souls with the lady by the fire in Majula to level up. This should be your first port of call. Hope that helps!

In addition, don't get hit. Or if you do get hit, make sure you have your shield up. The souls games are all about having a shield on your left and sword on your right, at least for me they are. Try blocking a new enemy's attacks and/or rolling around them before you attack to get a feel for all their moves. Knowing your enemy's capabilities and patterns is arguably more important than knowing your own move-set.

Take your time. Be patient and don't take dying too hard. You're going to die a lot, it's not worth getting worked up over.

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@mb: Apologies dude. Bad experiences from my uni's gaming society. It's a nightmare trying to get a bunch of people in a room to play something. I probably shouldn't make the assumption that it's the case everywhere

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@belegorm said:

I prefer PC, there's more games available for it and pretty much everyone has a laptop. PC LAN parties in college are pretty awesome, playing diablo 2 or starcraft.

However, if everyone's on laptops you can't really play new games, and considering split-screen options a new console could be better for that.

Are you at a university/college at this moment? Because I am and 90% of people have Macs and mostly Airs at that. PC gaming doesn't have nearly as much of a low barrier to entry as you may think.

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I have a good PC. But if you want normal people to play some videogames with you, that happens on a couch with some controllers. Can't wait to get a PS4 and play some Nidhogg with folks.

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The problem is the underlying assets and geometry are so basic that upping the resolution on those games doesn't do them any favours. PS2 and Xbox era games have assets that aren't that dissimilar to early Xbox 360 and PS3 games, so increasing the framerate and resolution and cleaning up the aliasing does them a power of good. Also keep in mind that it wasn't until the PS2 that controllers became somewhat standard. The archetypal dualshock design was only being used by 50% of the console games back in the late nineties, which is essential for the game to be easily ported to modern platforms. Let's also remind ourselves that most early 3D console games sucked arse through a straw. Most of the games made in PS2 and Xbox time-frame are at least comparable to modern expectations of gameplay. A significant proportion of the market for these HD remakes are people who were too young or not paying attention at the time when these games were released. A key question is "does this game hold up?" It's a question I used to ask when all those PS2 remakes where being released. PS1 and N64 games are too far gone.

Also, who gives a shit about N64 remakes when I can't buy a copy of Super Mario World on the 3DS eshop?